Even in the All-Star Game, LeBron James is afraid to take the last shot

Kobe was clutch while LeBron was not.

“Yeah, he was telling me to shoot it,” LeBron James recalled of Kobe Bryant’s message to him during the final seconds of the All-Star Game. “I wish I could have that one back.”

That was LeBron James’ recent years as an NBA player in a nutshell. Even during a meaningless exhibition game, James had the opportunity to take the final shot and give his team a chance to win but decided to pass that shot up.

What happened on Sunday was another sad example of how James refuses to rise up to the occasion. Despite all his great work during the game, when the team needed him to step up one more time late, he didn’t deliver.

A part of this is our fault as fans and media in how we perceive the basketball star. Have we kept expectations too high for James? Since he entered the league, the league has wanted to make him a star. But since he bolted to the Heat, it was clear that maybe James doesn’t want to be the star.

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The NBA All-Star uniforms were inspired by the 1992 uniforms?

These are the new jerseys for the All-Star Game.

Adidas has released images and a press release pertaining to their NBA All-Star game uniforms set to be worn on February 26. According to the press release, these were inspired by the iconic uniform set from 1992 — also held in Orlando.

I don’t see the resemblance. Well, I can see that you have the team name sandwiching the numbers, but that’s it. And also it’s color versus color. But with Adidas, I am really disappointed with a lot of things they’ve done since taking over the NBA.

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