David Stern’s legacy as we see him for the last time at the NBA Draft

The Hakeem Olajuwon-David Stern exchange was truly a Throwback Thursday!

Call me sentimental, but I am going to miss David Stern as the NBA commissioner. I know he hasn’t been the perfect commissioner, having gone through two work stoppages in my lifetime and making decisions for “basketball reasons.” But without him, the game of basketball would not have grown to the way it has become today.

If anything, his positives outweigh negatives in his career. Simply look at how he put together the Dream Team and made international appeal to basketball real. That alone made the NBA such a great global market. That alone makes him a great commissioner.

I can’t ignore the fact that the officiating has been poor and there are possibly conspiracy theories out there. But I can’t say no to the first sport I fell in love with the the commissioner that made it possible. So thank you David Stern! Continue your work and finish strong in February. You’ve done good for the NBA.

22 Worst NBA Draft Suits

Some of them aren’t that bad. But the mismatching and the long jacket just don’t work.

Adidas has destroyed the 2013 NBA Draft caps by making the words illegible

So hard to read. Poor Kings.

Adidas has released the caps (most of them) for the NBA Draft. They look terrible.

I’ll give them props for not using a generic font, but instead use the team’s workdmark for all of the caps. That’s the only thing that looks good everything else is a disaster.

Looking at the above Kings design, we have some design flaws that can be avoided. First of all, it’s a snapback with the snaps being two different colors. That doesn’t look good. Whatever happened to flex fits?

Under the brim, I have no idea why they stuck with this template. It kind of reminds me of that zubaz design they were pushing in college. And the logo under the brim is OK, but it really doesn’t need to be there.

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