Warriors losing the NBA Finals hurts but that’s the unpredictability of sports

The Golden State Warriors had everything in place for them to win the NBA Finals. They had the all-time record. They had the unanimous MVP. They survived the Thunder. Everything pointed out to them winning the championship again.

But  they didn’t.

This is what makes sports so interesting. The Cleveland Cavaliers were poised to write their own history and against all odds, won the final three games to take that title. The city of Cleveland, a city I have visited and enjoyed, deserve a champion and I am glad that they get to celebrate. It sucks that they did it on behalf of my team, but the Warriors had their chance and lost.

It can be said that the league was under some conspiracy to suspend Draymond Green for Game 5 and have some sketchy officiating for Game 6. Regardless, the Warriors are better than that. They played well enough to win Game 7 but the Cavaliers matched them.

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The Warriors gave us a thrill by getting rid of the Thunder

Stephen Curry came up big in Game 7. (Ben Margot / Associated Press)

Once the Warriors won Game 6, you knew that they couldn’t be denied. Everything looked bad for them when they were down 3-1. But this championship team knew that they had to do one thing — believe in themselves.

All the pundits said that they weren’t going to win the series. Instead they fought hard and got that Game 5 win. Then they had no business winning Game 6 but willed their way to that victory. And in Game 7, they came back one more time to eliminate the Thunder.

You can say that it was the Thunder who didn’t handle the pressure well and you would be right. But it takes an opposition to strong and so determined like the defending champions to complete this comeback. The Warriors are that team and how they won was simply amazing.

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Not getting angry at LeBron James, Heat for winning the NBA title

I’m pretty sure that most of the dislike for the Miami Heat is fueled by LeBron James. And that’s a perfectly good reason. James was the ringleader of an offseason of what many fans believe seemed to be an unfair advantage to the NBA.

James had “The Decision” and that was a bad idea. Then the Heat held a celebration party when James and Chris Bosh joined with the team. Then pretty much whatever James did, it was scrutinized. He and the Heat have not been very mature recently.

I didn’t want the Heat to win for all those reasons. But I am trying to be as realistic of a basketball fan as I can and I have to give props to the Heat for what they did. (But I’ll still call them the nWo just because it’s funny to me.)

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