Not getting angry at LeBron James, Heat for winning the NBA title

I’m pretty sure that most of the dislike for the Miami Heat is fueled by LeBron James. And that’s a perfectly good reason. James was the ringleader of an offseason of what many fans believe seemed to be an unfair advantage to the NBA.

James had “The Decision” and that was a bad idea. Then the Heat held a celebration party when James and Chris Bosh joined with the team. Then pretty much whatever James did, it was scrutinized. He and the Heat have not been very mature recently.

I didn’t want the Heat to win for all those reasons. But I am trying to be as realistic of a basketball fan as I can and I have to give props to the Heat for what they did. (But I’ll still call them the nWo just because it’s funny to me.)

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We have just witnessed the birth of a dynasty in the NBA

Dynasty in the making?

After watching the Oklahoma City Thunder win the game last night to punch their ticket to the NBA Finals, it occurred to me that this team will be a dynasty. I realized that right now, if they can keep this core of players together, they can win not one, not two, not three — you get my point.

Think about it. The team’s average age is around 25 years old. They have a deep bench, solid role players and emerging young talent. The rest of the West right now seems to be declining with age and injuries. The Thunder is going in the opposite direction.

What they have right now is a blueprint for success. They took down the mighty Spurs in what I thought wouldn’t happen. And I say the Thunder are the favorite to win it all this year. Unlike the Heat, this team has a Big Three that fit well together.

The only other team that I can think that has this kind of dynasty potential are the Bulls. But with the injury to Derrick Rose, it might have to hold on for a while. But right now, the Thunder are now the the cream of the crop.

Appreciating what the Spurs are doing as a team

Manu Ginobili has been playing some great basketball.

I remember back in 1999 during the shortened season watching the San Antonio Spurs play ball. Back then I was really enamored with the New York Knicks as they had some talented players like Allan Houston, Latrell Sprewell and Patrick Ewing. They were exciting to watch.

But when they ran into the Spurs in the Finals, I started to grow an appreciation for what the Spurs were starting. And since that 1999 season, I started notice how fundamentally sound this team was.

Their championship wins in 2003, 2005 and 2007 weren’t flashy but they sure showed the great power of their consistency.

In that 2005 season, the Spurs took the Pistons to Game 7 and I honestly think that might have been one of the best NBA Finals I had ever seen. Both teams were “boring” to the public eye. But for me, it was a series of great defense, smart offense.

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The ACL injury to Derrick Rose is unfortunate

Derrick Rose out for the playoffs, some of next year with the ACL. A shame.

This reminds me of when Joshua Morgan suffered a broken leg late in a game that was decided. But this is a little bit different. It’s the playoffs and Rose has been battling injuries all year. And the fact that it’s a shortened season, keeping players rested is a must.

It’s a shame that Rose got hurt and part of this is the product of a shortened season where players are forced to play back to backs all year long. I do wish that the lockout remained and that the league can go to a full season instead of this.

There have been so many injuries this year and I know a part of it is due to the compacted schedule. Rose shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with. But still, this might have been avoided all together.