NBC is so excited that hockey is back that they don’t remember what happened last season

Hockey returns this weekend and I am really excited. The lockout was a bummer but I an live with that as long as I get my hockey back.

NBA is promoting the season too and this latest commercial should get really juiced up about the Flyers getting their revenge on the Penguins for their playoff loss that last year.

But wait, didn’t the Flyers eliminate the Pens in the playoffs? Yes they did. So either NBC themselves just got their facts wrong on a series they broadcasted or maybe they just don’t think we can tell the difference.

NBC Pipes In Salsa Music For Victor Cruz Touchdown…Again

Agree totally with this. I think it’s a cool thing and that’s fine with me. But favoritism is not something we want to see from a network that’s supposed to give fair coverage. Either do it for all teams or don’t do it at all.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

When Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz scored during last night’s 19-17 Eagles victory, NBC went into its bag of tricks.

The powers that be for the Sunday Night Football production team opted to play salsa music to coincide with Cruz’s celebration.

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