10 tips on how to have the best NCAA Tournament bracket

I usually have a pick ’em this time around but year I am going to forego that so I can focus on the two that I already am in.

I have followed some strategies throughout my years and I have done pretty well. I have never won but hey, I still got a good amount of upsets right.

Today I will share my tips on having a great bracket. A winning one? I don’t know. But these are what I hold on to when I fill my bracket out.

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Was that a goaltend at the end of the UCLA-SMU game?

That was the game-winning shot! Except the ball never went in. It was ruled a goaltend and UCLA took the lead and won, advancing to the next round.

Take a look at these two angles. Is that a goaltend? The shot looks off and there appears to be a chance that it would have missed the rim entirely. Maybe the refs think it could have grazed the rim.¬†We’ll never know. But from these angles, it looks like it would have missed.

However, the risk is too high to be even trying to grab the ball that close to the rim. And it’s odd that the officials can’t go to replay on something like that. Still, it may not have had any chance of going in, but chancing it by reaching for the ball that close to the rim warrants a call. Not a fair call, but it was the call that had to be made.

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Can you beat me in my tournament pick ’em?

It’s that time of the year again! The brackets are set and it’s time for you to fill them out. Can you beat me? Join my bracket pick ’em game. I will not pick Kentucky to win. But will you?

Mercer beats Duke and Roddy White won’t honor bet he loses

Roddy White is great on Twitter but every now and then, he tweets something that he may regret. He promised a fan that he would get him season tickets if Mercer beats Duke.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Sadly, White has decided to not honor his promise.

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Yesterday was the best first day of March Madness

Upsets. 12th seeds beating 5th seeds. Four overtime games. Close finishes. My bracket went 14-2 while everyone else did worse.

What a great day! I don’t know if I have ever gone through a first day of so much drama ever watching.

Seriously, this is the best playoff system in American sports. So good. So so good!

This is how I pick a perfect bracket

If you haven’t joined, you still have some time.

I will reveal to you my formula for a winning bracket. Success rate for this formula is not very high. But because of my own personal bias, I believe what I am doing is right.

Here are my beliefs, philosophies and strategies to a perfect bracket. Not fool-proof, but I’m sticking with it.

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Join my NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em

Can you beat me?

How low did Adidas sink with profiting off Kevin Ware’s injury?

Before I rant a little, read the above article first. It has come to my attention that Adidas made the shirt and apparently Louisville approved for it to be sold. Because of that, we have this very strange situation. Adidas is using the injury that Kevin Ware suffered so they can make an extra buck with merchandise sales. Not a single penny made will go to Ware.

The team will wear warmups with Ware’s number, which is fine. But when it becomes a profitable entity, that’s my issue. Is it right to make money off a college student’s injury? Shame on all parties that came up with the idea and approved it.

Coincidentally, this is Adidas. I have never liked Adidas since they started outfitting the NBA and making their indelible mark in the NCAA ranks also. This just adds more to my disdain for them. But I do have to wonder though, would this have also happened with another company?

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A couple thoughts on the most foolish of days


I did not see the Kevin Ware injury live. I was on a bus but as I was scrolling through Twitter, I had never seen the Twitterverse react to an injury like that before. I was curious about it and wanted to see what happened.

Unfortunately, it was one of those things where it was being debated whether or not a replay should be shown. Eventually, I did see it moments later and I nearly vomited on the bus.

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The NCAA Tournament has been fun because of the celebrations

The state of Florida is enjoying all the fun. FGCU and Miami sure know how to celebrate after wins. These two celebrations from Sunday shows us why as underdogs or topdogs, it’s not an easy thing to win basketball games and sometimes, celebrations are a must.

The equipment manager is having fun.

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