Gameday Story: The Forty Niner Way

I have always enjoyed looking through the 49ers’ Gameday magazine and this was a nice way for me to get to know the rookies a little bit.

Rich Eisen goes bananas over Jaguars’ selection of punter Bryan Anger

As some of you know, the Jacksonville Jaguars are my secondary favorite team so I do pay attention to their games and cheer them on along with the 49ers. But since I was covering the 49ers this weekend, I did not get a chance to see the above linked miraculous clip of Rich Eisen losing his mind.

I don’t know if reaching for a punter that high was a good idea but having seen Andy Lee, I cannot devalue a punter. For a Jaguars offense that was ranked last in 2011, field position is so key to their offense. And with the 6th best defense, it makes sense to get a punter. After Matt Turk struggled last year, the Jaguars knew that they had to find some kind of long-term replacement for Adam Podlesh.

Getting the best punter available that high shows that the team is serious about getting a potential Pro Bowler (or whatever you call them now) for the future. This isn’t a bad move really. Punters have great value to any team that’s struggling.

Cheers to you Rich Eisen for loving the punters!

What’s it like covering the draft from 49ers headquarters? A look back at Thursday’s action

Home of the 49ers in two years.

With the construction of the new stadium, the 49ers team headquarters is also going through a change. One of the changes that affect the media is the relocation of the media trailer. Having to find a way through the facility around construction, the media trailer was moved to about 20 yards from the original spot. But as you can see from the view, it’s pretty nice as we can look out at the new home of the 49ers.

Covering the draft has always been a very interesting time. It’s when site traffic and attention is at an all time high during the NFL calendar year. Mostly all the local media outlets are stationed at team headquarters ready to talk with the new pick, head coach and general manager.

This year was no different from other years. The media gathers in the trailer and just watches the NFL Network like everybody else. But our focus also goes on our computer screens and once the pick is in, we’re scrambling to get the information out and find as much scouting on the newest player.

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Looking back at the first NFL Draft I actually followed

The NFL Draft is here today and for people like me, I have mixed emotions about it. There’s an excitement about new prospects joining the team. But at the same time, as a writer, it’s a very stressful time to get all the information about all the new players out there for everybody.

But still, the draft is exciting. When I first started covering the 49ers, I did it for the now defunct I was just a junior at San Jose State but it was a real nice opportunity for me to just watch the draft at home (the first time I’ve ever done that) and see what the 49ers would do.

What really sucked for me at the time was that I had a part time job on weekends so I knew that I would miss the first day of the draft. (Back then, the draft started on a Saturday). But it still was the first draft I really paid attention to and that 2007 class means a whole lot to me because I watched like a madman the following day.

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A look at all the caps New Era is making for every NFL team

I don't like snapbacks, but the 9FIFTY is smooth.

People have asked me about the New Era caps that the teams will be wearing this year and if there was a link to all of the caps. My answer is yes.

I don’t like the snapback fashion and that’s what the 9FIFTY caps are but man, the color contrast on them is really beautiful. The Dolphins for example in my mind might be the best 9FIFTY cap out there. Just a great balance of color.

Also note that Carolina and Seattle are a tweak on their team logos, so their images aren’t available. Which ones are your favorite?

The New Era NFL Draft caps remind me of the Texas Rangers

The font used for the city name reminds me of the Texas Rangers.

As I was looking through some NFL news, I came across this image of the new NFL Draft Day caps made by New Era. This isn’t any real new news since images of the new caps form New Era have surfaced around the Internet for some time.

But this is the first time that I actually looked at the cap’s design and I noticed the font used for the city name looked similar. Looking closely at it, I saw a hint of the Texas Rangers.

Of course, since New Era outfits Major League Baseball, they probably grabbed the idea from the Rangers’ script. And for the most part, I think it looks fine on these draft caps. The caps could be better, but I think its simplicity works just fine.

(To look at all the caps, visit New Era’s Facebook page.)

Finally a Redskins Draft Day Hat I Would Wear

If this is what the Redskins draft day cap looks like, I can use my imagination to come up with what the 49ers one looks like.

The Son of Washington


I have to admit I was pretty excited when I received a text message from Kiel today showing me the 2012 Redskins Draft hat.

At first glance I was impressed considering I typically hate the draft hats.

Then I noticed that this is actually made by New Era (the official hat of Major League Baseball).

Back when Reebok’s exclusive deal with the NFL was coming to a close, New Era swept in looking for a way to supply the official lids of the NFL.

Apparently Jerry Jones got them in. For some reason that I don’t care enough about to actually research, the Cowboys have the right to sell whatever brand hats they want instead of sticking to the uniform hats like the rest of the league.

When Jerruh went to the league for approval on a new hat design by New Era the league liked what they saw enough…

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