Oh NHL, how you’ve made me sad but I still welcome you back with open arms

So while I was asleep at around 6AM, the lockout ended. I had stayed up to 2AM monitoring the news before I fell asleep.

But with hockey back, this is my reaction.

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What would have the Winter Classic jerseys looked like?


Yesterday was supposed to be the annual NHL Winter Classic. But due to the lockout, the Detroit Red Wings never got their chance to host the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Winter Classic is played outdoors and this was supposed to be played at the Big House at the University of Michigan. These games are played in throwback uniforms — although most times these uniforms aren’t historically accurate. But I was excited to see what these two classic teams would have worn.

The above photos were leaked and if the merchandise for the Winter Classic are any indication, we would have had a great look matchup at the Winter Classic.

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Too bad we’re not going to have the Winter Classic this year

Farewell Winter Classic.

With the NHL lockout, I was fearful of an entire lost season. Not only would the interest in hockey suffer a major blow, but now we’ve lost the Winter Classic.

As you may recall back in February when they first announced the upcoming Winter Classic, I was ecstatic for it and what it could lead to for the West Coast.

This annual matchup always brings the best out of hockey. Not only did the 24/7 series give us a glimpse of what a real hockey dressing room looks like, but it also was pretty sweet to see hockey outdoors.

Now with the Winter Classic gone, it is starting to hit me that we won’t have hockey this season. The NHL has grown on me since I lived in San Jose and every year I hope for the Sharks to finally win the Cup. Now I wait and hope for that chance to come around.

What am I going to do with the NHL lockout?

So what am I going to do without the NHL? It has grown to be my second favorite sport to follow behind baseball and as a still young Sharks fan, I am hopeful that the team can at least get a chance to go for the Cup again.

One of the tough things about this is that despite my love for hockey, I am still like most Americans. Because of the country’s lack of interest in hockey, my desire to watch it isn’t as high as it is like it would with baseball or football. If the NHL loses the first month of the season, I might not even notice.

But I think the desire for hockey will hit me halfway through the season when baseball ends and I’m sitting in November awaiting for hockey to come around. I like basketball, but it doesn’t interest me like hockey. And when the playoffs begin, that’s when I’ll miss it the most.

But until I actually start losing games, I don’t know it will hit me. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.