Congratulations Owen Nolan on a tremendous career

Imagine how awesome this line would be if they all played together for the Sharks.(Although I do wish they gave him a jersey that he actually wore during his career).

On Tuesday, Owen Nolan announced his retirement from hockey. He returned to San Jose to make the announcement, ending his career with the Sharks.

That’s the way I like to see athletes retire — with the team they spent their best years of their careers with.

I never really got into hockey that much until I went to San Jose State back in 2004. Prior to that, I watched hockey but I never really followed. But I do remember seeing Nolan play. I just knew he was a great player.

Seeing him call it quits and retiring as a Shark is very heartwarming. He did so much for this franchise and being able to come back and finish his career where he had his best years, that’s awesome. He was a great player and I am glad that I got to see him play.