Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year winners to wear jersey patch — is this a good idea?

I applaud all those who serve their communities. It is a great way to show the community that these athletes are not just football players, but they are people who have a platform to serve. That’s great.

But a jersey patch?

This just feels like a “Hey look at me and how good I am!” kind of feeling. The whole football uniform has always been about the football player or the team. Whether it’s a captain patch or an anniversary patch, it’s always been something about the team. Never have I seen a player wear a patch honoring their philanthropy off the field.

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Warriors have signed a jersey ad deal with Rakuten and I don’t like it

Well, did you expect me to like this?

The deal with the Japanese company for $20 million a year is the highest contract for jersey ads in the NBA. Of course the Warriors would do this.

Aside from the fact that jersey ads exist, the red doesn’t match with the white uniform. At least the blue jerseys feature the patch in white.

But still, it just looks like some random letter on the jersey. Oh well. This is the NBA we have right now.

MLB honors 9/11 victims with inconsistent patches again

Last season I wrote about the 9/11 flag patches MLB has every player wear to honor the victims of the day. MLB is doing it again and it once again shows that the caps the players are wearing are not the same ones you can buy online.

Minnesota Twins just placed the flag patch over the All-Star Game patch.

Notice the flag patch here. It’s clearly just glued on over the Twins’ All-Star Game patch. Different from what the online shop is saying they are wearing. Also, the location of the patch is on the first side panel, placed in front of the ear.

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Jaguars’ 20th season patch looks a bit clunky

The 20th season patch will go opposite the Jaguars shield.

The Jaguars announced that they will add a 20th season logo patch on their jerseys this season. The team announced this during their State of the Franchise meeting in which they updated fans on the new stadium upgrades and new seating options.

The 20th season patch is a little bit clunky, but it’s already been seen around town.

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What I like about it is that it says “20th season” not “20th anniversary,” which teams have confused in the past. The “20” is pretty big but I like the bridge in the background. (It’s not as simple as their 10th anniversary logo.)

We’ll see what it looks like when the Jags hit the field for the presason. The anniversary patch looks big but it might be OK.

Did New Era give Hat Club the wrong caps to sell?

EDIT: We have an explanation.

Original story below.

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Orioles may have the best anniversary patch I’ve ever seen


The Baltimore Orioles will wear this anniversary patch this upcoming season. It is gorgeous. It may be the best anniversary patch in the history of anniversary patches. Well, maybe not, but this is really nice.

  • The simple “60” in the team’s current number font
  • The first and current year are balanced out with the corresponding team logo
  • The balance of orange, black and white gives it a real nice touch
  • The home plate is simple but very effective
  • The three stars for their three World Series titles
  • The simple script on top (even though they’ve never used it before)

This will look amazing on their jerseys. I applaud you!

The 9/11 flag patch caps New Era is selling you isn’t exactly the same as the ones the players are wearing

Daric Barton with the flag patch placed right along the back seam of the first panel.

Daric Barton with the flag patch placed right along the back seam of the first panel, right above his ear.

Remember when New Era announced that they would be selling the flag patch caps again this year? Upon further inspection, what they are selling is not what the players are wearing.

The 59Fifty caps from New Era are the same ones the players wear on the field. That’s how they’ve been marketed to us and it’s true. But for the 9/11 flag patch, it’s a different story. I’ll use screen caps of the A’s game I am watching now.

(Scott Kazmir didn’t have his flag patch, but his teammates did. Did it fall off?)

As you can see by the link I have above, the flag is placed in the middle of the first side panel of the cap. But as you can notice by the image above (and around the league), it’s not placed in the middle. Instead, it’s placed all the way to the right of the panel before it hits the seam. The slight placement is minor, but it still makes a difference.

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Cubs’ National League patch has still not been updated

Cubs using an outdated logo.

This was something I had wondered for a while and I had suspected it, but never got a clear look until today. The Chicago Cubs are the only team that features the National League logo as a patch on their jersey.

But with the National League reducing to 15 teams this year, the logo needed an update. The logo features 16 stars, one for each team in the league. However, because of the realignment, it should be 15 stars.

The Cubs, however, have continued to use the outdated logo all season long. Today while watching the A’s-Cubs game, I finally got a chance to see closeup of it. The Cubs are behind the times.