I’m not sure how I feel about Pete Rose anymore

I sat at my desk today watching Pete Rose’s press conference. It was a day after he was denied by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for reinstatement. It was not a surprise that the commissioner came to that decision. But after watching Rose speak, I am very unsure how I feel about his case.

Prior to all this, I had been an advocate for Rose being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Of course with his ban, he was not eligible. Even though Manfred clarified that MLB’s ruling is separate on what the Hall of Fame should rule, I still believed that Rose should be in the Hall solely for his accomplishments as a player.

But his gambling hurt the game. He still continues to gamble today. It was wrong then. But he does it legally now. The longer this issue lingered, the more I wondered if he should get in.

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A flashback at the storylines of Kane with Pete Rose

As some of you know. I am a wrestling fan. I’m not the kind of guy that goes out and buys all the shirts, toys and make every effort to watch every week. But when I get the chance to, I like to tune in and watch.

This segment that they ran last night was comedic gold. It’s hard to explain some of it unless you know some of the past storylines with Kane, but it cracked me up that a character that is supposed to be evil and demented would be so open about it.

Plus, the fact that he mentioned Pete Rose after their numerous altercations (four in my count) in the past really was the icing on the cake. Well done, WWE. You took us back to a trip down memory lane and made me laugh once again.

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