Yuli Gurriel’s racists gesture and finding forgiveness among the immersion of two cultures

I’m angry. I’m upset. I want to punch Yuli Gurriel in the face. Mocking someone for their physical appearance because of a stereotype is not going to fly in this country.

But I know that my anger and desire to hurt him will not solve anything.

Last night, when Gurriel made a slanted eye gesture and called Yu Darvish (who is Japanese) a Chinito (little Chinese boy), it was clear to many that it was not acceptable. But that was many people, not all people, who found something wrong with it.

There are the people that think America is getting too PC and that it’s an overreaction to something minor. Others are contending that Latin culture features these kinds of remarks and actions all the time and it’s normalized. Using these terms and actions is so common and it’s pretty apparent that Gurriel is just doing what he was so used to growing up.

The problem is that he isn’t back home in Cuba. He is in America. And after all the problems with what we had with disrespect this season (two suspension for homophobic slurs, racist slurs thrown at O’s OF Adam Jones), the league has been on high alert on the way people and fans are being treated.

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ESPN thinks Team USA will be hampered against China because there is “too much yellow”

“Red, white and blue will be hampered by the existence of too much yellow…”

That was what was said when talking about USA’s matchup against China. I am pretty sure it was about yellow cards, but come on! That was just poor wording and unintentional racism.

Yoenis Cespedes wins Home Run Derby again, which means Twitter negatively reacts to him not speaking English

But with this great achievement, we also get the negative reaction on Twitter. Like last year, people went to Twitter to complain about how Yoenis Cespedes didn’t conduct his interview in English.

Cespedes is in his third year living in America after defecting from Cuba and joining the A’s. Learning a new language isn’t easy and maybe he isn’t fully comfortable speaking in public in English.

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Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks are sad but not surprising

Donald Sterling doesn’t want black people to show up to his Clippers games.

If the above audio is truly of Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, then we got a huge problem. Claims of Sterling telling his girlfriend not to publicly share photos with black people, including Magic Johnson, is confusing in a world where such actions are normal. But Sterling still lives in a privileged world where he feels he’s above everyone.

Having listened to the audio last night, I felt like punching my computer. It was hateful, it was hurtful. How can a man feel that taking a photo with a man of a different race was a bad thing? Does he not realize there are a ton of fans that are black? And oh yeah, his team has black players and coaches.

But the problem we have with Sterling is that not only has he been a sub par owner, but he’s been an owner with hate in his heart. What about black people does he find so disgusting that he wants no association with? Why does he feel this way?

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Paula Deen Compares Herself To “That Black Football Player” Michael Sam

Will she ever learn?

Joe Montana's Right Arm


Embattled cooking impresario Paula Deen may have stepped in it again on Wednesday when she compared her plight to that of Michael Sam – the first openly gay player in NFL history.

Deen, whose career took a rapid nosedive after revealing she used the N-word during her lifetime, is still trying to repair her image after the transgression.

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Jackie Robinson statue defaced with racial slurs and swastikas

With the Riley Cooper mess recently, it brought to light that racism is still very strong in America. It’s unfortunate that it’s still around despite how much the country has progressed in the past century.

However, something like this is really disgusting. In a country that has now made a strong effort to promote equality (with still a lot of mishaps along the way), seeing people do this is just bad.

Robinson was a hero to many and a pioneer for a road to a better America. But by having this happen to it shows us that we as a country has not moved that much towards the right direction. When stupidity and racism like this continue to show, it’s just really a sad reminder that we’re still living in a messed up world.

Riley Cooper’s racist remark is another showing of frustration revealing an athlete’s true identity

Riley Cooper got racist at a concert.

Earlier this summer, Riley Cooper was at a Kenny Chesney concert. What appears to be an act of frustration for not getting backstage passes, the above incident happened and was recorded. (And it doesn’t help the stereotype of rednecks who love country music.)

The video surfaced around today about a month since the incident and the backlash has been intense. Cooper in his anger to what was reportedly a security guard is unacceptable and saying “I will fight every n***** here” is just not right.

Since then, he’s apologized on Twitter and spoken to the media. on it. The team has also fined him.

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Yoenis Cespedes’ home run derby win brought out the racist in America

The final swing and the big bat flip.

The final swing and the big bat flip.

Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland A’s wins the home run derby with a show. He blasted 32 bombs en route to the title (and give the A’s fans discounted tickets). He’s the first player not on the All-Star team to win it. A relative unknown to most of America, he had a chance to display his skills and it was great to see the A’s get represented well.

This is his second season in the big leagues after defecting from Cuba in hopes of a better life here a little less than two years ago. He’s been learning English since he has arrived but hasn’t learned enough to be comfortable doing interviews. Despite all of that, he has assimilated himself real well and has embraced his new life in America.

However, that doesn’t stop the racist Americans from tweeting out their displeasure that Cespedes doesn’t know English. Twitter once again brings out the hate and racism from our country. And in case you didn’t know, English is not the official language of the United States. There is none.

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Let’s call the Washington Redskins the Redtails

They’ve made a movie about the Redtails.

Coming out of Washington, it looks like the Redskins could get a name change to the Redtails. 

What’s a Redtail? I didn’t even know myself, so this was the explanation in the article.

In his resolution, Grosso urges the team to change its name to the Washington Redtails, noting that that was the nickname used by the Tuskegee Airmen, the pioneering aviation unit that broke the color barrier for U.S. military pilots in World War II. A plane used by the airmen recently was put in a place of honor in the Smithsonian.

This would be a complete 180-degree turn from their current name. One that isn’t racist, but is about equality. I wouldn’t mind it either way really. The Redskins name has been around so long that I probably have gotten used to it, so the name change issue isn’t big to me. But if it’s that important, a change sounds good and i can dig this. 


Atlanta Braves avoid PR nightmare with new modified batting practice caps

New Braves batting practice cap.

New Braves batting practice cap.

Remember when the new batting practice caps were released and the Atlanta Braves got a lot of heat for their design?

It appears that the pressure to change the cap got to the team and they will not be going with the original design. Instead, they are going with the simple “A” logo for their batting practice cap.

This was something that a lot of people expected but until we actually saw it, it was just a lot of wondering whether or not the Braves would avoid potential disaster.

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