Are Randy Moss’ comments on being the greatest receiver ever crazy? Actually, not really…

Randy Moss made waves during Super Bowl Media Day.

Super Bowl Media Day gives us a bunch of great opportunities for nonsensical questions from media to players in hopes of one quote that could be used and spun into 500 different stories.

Randy Moss obliged the media with this comment about being the greatest receiver ever.

“Now that I’m older, I do think I’m the greatest receiver to ever do it. I don’t think numbers stand. Because you can talk about this and this, I think I’ve had … this year has been a down year for me statistically. The year before I retired was a down year, and Oakland was a down year. I don’t really live on numbers — I really live on impact and what you’re able to do on that field.”

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Let’s bring back the fun of the “One Clap” from Randy Moss

So apparently the A’s were having a pre-game excitement before today’s tilt with the Yankees. After last night’s tough loss, it’s a good way to loosen up with this classic song: “One Clap”.

Speaking of Randy Moss, he will go to the Metrodome for the first time in his career as an opponent. He hasn’t been used much in the first two games but I expect him to get two touchdowns and play like he did back in his early years.

Should be a fun day of watching for me the 49ers and A’s today!

49ers getting Randy Moss was the right move at the right time

Free agent wide receiver Randy Moss and the San Francisco 49ers have agreed to a one-year deal. Signing a big name like Moss has already caused waves through all media outlets and social networks. And it’s something worth talking about.

The 49ers have added a big name receiver to their roster for the first time since Terrell Owens was on the team. And much like Owens, Moss comes with some very heavy baggage.

To head coach Jim Harbaugh, maybe that baggage won’t be as heavy if he can help carry some of it. The 49ers have established themselves as a no-nonsense team and any player that doesn’t fit in will be removed. Last year, Braylon Edwards was a victim of the new regime’s rules.

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The risk in picking up Randy Moss at baggage claim

Randy Moss has a lot of baggage that he needs to pick up.

With news of Randy Moss visiting the 49ers, it appears now that the controversial wide receiver has cleaned up his image. Or at least, he makes it look like he’s changed himself up.

After already working out for the Saints, Moss will do the same for the 49ers on Monday. At least for the 49ers, they are hoping that the 35-year old still has something left in his tank.

But is his tank still filled up with his past garbage?

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