Reebok’s new brand mark works with their new direction

Reebok has now shifted their focus on fitness as a company. Since they no longer outfit the NFL and their presence in the NHL isn’t that recognized, they decided to add a new brand identity.

This works since they have been working in providing workout shoes for training, running and all other fitness activities in their latest releases. It is a simple brand but it is executed well.

I am a Reebok fan and I own several running shoes from them. Their produce is good and I enjoy it. I would like to see what their designs are now going forward. They may not be as big in the sports world now, but the average Joe can still use their products for their own personal fitness. And that’s fine with me.

Is the Buccaneers’ big announcement uniform related?

With a tweet so vague, it could be anything. They could be announcing a major coaching staff change. Warren Sapp might join the organization or they may be signing a big player. Or maybe they could be retiring Derrick Brooks’ number.

It’s hard to figure out what it could mean so the speculation can begin. Here’s one thing that also came up on the team website today: Jerseys are discounted.

The jerseys, originally priced at $99.99 have been discounted to $50. That’s a surprising move. It could be because it’s President’s Day and they’re doing a sale for that. But normally pro teams never have a major discount unless they are trying to rid of old inventory.

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The new Charlotte Hornets logos are simply amazing

The Charlotte Bobcats will become the Hornets next season. After years of a confused identity, they unveiled new logos and it’s simply beautiful.

What’s great is that they essentially kept their old colors and brought back Hugo the Hornet. Per NBA rules, they couldn’t just bring back their old logos, so they made new ones that had a modern feel to it but still paid homage to their history. With the branding brains behind the Jordan brand, this turned out to be a great logo package for the revived Hornets.

Merchandise with the new logos will go sale next month and the new uniforms are expected to be unveiled some time around the draft.

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Charlotte Bobcats’ rename to Hornets ends one of the worst branding failures in sports history

They are bringing back the buzz! The NBA has approved for the Charlotte Bobcats to change their name to the Charlotte Hornets following this upcoming season.

With that move, we get to say farewell to one of the worst team branding eras in the history of sports. I personally am delighted to see the disappearance of the Bobcats and their brand from the NBA.

When the Bobcats made their debut as an expansion team in 2004, I actually liked their color scheme. Orange uniforms weren’t popular in the NBA and with the addition of their shade of blue with silver and blood orange, I thought it was pretty nice.

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One minor change that could vastly improve the Jaguars’ new logo

What if the logo wasn’t so stretched out?

After about a day to simmer on the new Jacksonville Jaguars logo, I have come to the conclusion that I like it. I don’t love it, but I can accept it for what it is. There still needs to be some room for the uniform to see the full effect of the rebrand.

But as I look at the logo, there was one thing that bothered me about it. The face looked too long. Some comments say that the face looks too feminine because the face is so long. Because of that, the logo isn’t as great as it could have been.

Then it came to my realization that if the logo wasn’t stretched out, rather condensed in, it would look a whole lot better. As you can see, the logo looks a lot better without a stretched out long face.

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Jaguars unveil new logo after two decades of existence — a quick breakdown

New Jaguars logo.

New Jaguars logo.

Owner Shad Khan continues to put his mark on the Jacksonville Jaguars. On Tuesday, the owner unveiled a new logo for the team — the first logo change for the team since their inception in 1995. Of course, their original logo was shot down by the car company.

This new logo incorporates a similar look to their previous logo, but as stated during the press conference, the idea was to make it look more “authentic, life-like, fearsome” with the intent on keeping teal as it has been part of the team history.

Much like the Panthers, the team that came into the league with the Jaguars, it’s a slight modification to their old look. But in my opinion, this logo is fine. I am glad that the team kept the gold and teal.

The team also introduced a military-inspired shield logo which you can expect to see on the field. The wordmark also gets tightened up a little too.

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