Mitchell & Ness’ ‘Team Short’ snapbacks are copying Reebok

One of the best team apparel cap designs I have ever seen was created by Reebok for the NFL in 2006. All team caps were unique in design because the side panels of the caps were actually the design of the team pant stripes that year. In Reebok’s tenure in manufacturing items for the NFL, this was their best design.

Today, Mitchell & Ness released a series of throwbacks for the Lakers (here, here, here), Sonics (here, here) and Grizzlies (here). Notice anything? They took the same concept of what Reebok did with their snapback. It’s a great looking cap, but it doesn’t feel original. Of course, there are limitations in designing such a cap. But it just feels like M&N took what Reebok did and re-purposed it for their design.

This could just be a coincidence but since the Reebok idea isn’t an innovative idea and it came out almost a decade ago, you never know. I’m surprised that there are only these three teams. I wonder if more is to come.

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NHL All-Star Game jerseys look terrible

OK this baffles me. I am all for new designs and these designs are fine. But why the neon green? The Blue Jackets are hosting the game and their color scheme features no green. The black and green doesn’t work. It seems like they’re pulling from what the NFL did for their Pro Bowl.

It looks like it’s some chrome crest with a bunch of racing stripes down the side. Not a great look at all. Reebok messed up on this one.

Sharks unveil Stadium Series jersey with amazing NorCal patch

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OK so the leak that went out about the Stadium Series uniform is true. The San Jose Sharks unveiled their look and it is what we expected. Check out the slideshow above for more photos of it and check out the video here.

As expected, the the top third of the jersey is teal. Then the middle portion is white. The bottom part is black. Odd but unique. The entire back of the jersey is teal, which gives this jersey a very unique and similar look to the Sabres’ thirds.

What really strikes me is the huge numbers on the sleeves. But I suppose the Stadium Series jerseys are all about the in your face look. The chest logo isn’t chrome like last year, but it still looks reflective. I bet it’s going to look fantastic under the outdoor lights.

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Reebok and Kendrick Lamar strike shoe deal

Reebok has made some waves recently and this one is probably the one I like the most. They had stepped away from the four major sports, but then found themselves with the UFC. Now they’ve gotten into a deal with rapper Kendrick Lamar.

This isn’t the first time Reebok has worked a deal with a rapper. They used to have deals with Jay Z and Rick Ross. In fact, the Reebok Classics have always been highly regarded in the hip hop world and this deal with Lamar is a little surprising. Even though he has been seen wearing Nikes most times, he has a nostalgic connection with Reebok.

With the 25th anniversary of the Reebok Ventilator coming up, this was a deal that I hope gets Reebok back into a niche they once had. Lamar is the hottest rapper still out there and I look forward to seeing what they have in store.

The Sharks and Kings Stadium Series uniforms leaked and I like them

OK. So Icethetics has the goods on what the Stadium Series uniforms for the Sharks and Kings are expected to look like. I will be attending the game.

Last night, Mayor’s Manor had an early leak of the Kings’ set and Icethetics’ leak looks exactly the same. The only difference are the shorts. I think white looks better but the black makes so much more sense.

With that said, both uniforms are identical in terms of template and design. Let’s take a look at the Sharks’ first.

Sharks Stadium Series uniform via Icethetics.

What I do like about it is the teal is prominent. Unlike the playoff run of wearing black, this special occasion warrants teal. Granted the bottom half of it is black but it works for me. This horrible design is screaming 1990s to me. It’s like a mismash of the old Stars and Avs jerseys. But this one is like a two-tone throwback. I think it’s a very nice and distinct look. I might even cop a replica of this.

Kings Stadium Series uniforms via Icethetics.

For the Kings, their look is similar. There were rumors the Burger King or purple would return but that’s not the case. Much like the Sharks, the two-tone works and because the Kings are using silver, it really makes it look almost all white from a distance. I would love to see white pants for the contrast of the two teams but as of now with black, I like it.

I wish each uniform was unique but this is what was expected. It’s really an odd 1990s feel and I like it. It’s different and unique and don’t be surprised to see these appear again in a regular season game after the Stadium Series.


Reebok’s partnership with UFC is a great move

Remember when Reebok announced that they would step away from the four major sports to focus on crossfitness? I thought at that time that they were making a smart move. They weren’t the kings of the four major sports, but could be the king in one part of sport that was essentially up for grabs.

Today’s announcement with UFC is another great move. The training that goes into mixed martial arts matches a lot of the direction and products that Reebok produces. But I think what really makes this great is that Reebok is once against tapping into a market that is relatively up for grabs.

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The new St. Louis Blues uniforms look nice

What I like about these new Blues uniforms is that they look nothing like their old set. Removed are the unnecessary pipings and the odd color placements. Instead it’s a simple classic look that is similar to what they wore before Reebok Edge took over.

Sometimes simplicity is the best and the Blues nailed it. It’s a jersey you’d be proud to wear. Good job!

Reebok’s brand had to change after what they’ve been through

As noted over the weekend, Reebok has undergone a new logo and a new direction. They’re focusing their efforts on the cross-fit part of athletics and it’s a good move since that is where they can truly excel.

But their change wasn’t a surprise. In fact, we saw it coming from some time now.

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Reebok’s new brand mark works with their new direction

Reebok has now shifted their focus on fitness as a company. Since they no longer outfit the NFL and their presence in the NHL isn’t that recognized, they decided to add a new brand identity.

This works since they have been working in providing workout shoes for training, running and all other fitness activities in their latest releases. It is a simple brand but it is executed well.

I am a Reebok fan and I own several running shoes from them. Their produce is good and I enjoy it. I would like to see what their designs are now going forward. They may not be as big in the sports world now, but the average Joe can still use their products for their own personal fitness. And that’s fine with me.

Steve Ott is tired of the Sabres’ foolishness, leaks new jersey by himself on Twitter

The Sabres have been teasing their new jersey since July 12. It’s been almost two months and the team still hasn’t unveiled it. Steve Ott wasn’t having it anymore, calling out the team to unveil it or he would do it himself.

After waiting and waiting, Ott finally had enough and went with it on his own.

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