I am sad the Raiders are leaving Oakland for Las Vegas

It’s a shame. The owners have approved for the Raiders to leave Oakland for Las Vegas. (The Dolphins reportedly was only team to vote against the move.)

This sucks for the loyal fans of the Oakland Raiders who had their team leave once and now it’s happening again. The city of Oakland is a great city and has plenty of loyal fans. But the dump that is the Coliseum (which they had to share) has made it so tough for this town to hold on to their teams.

The Raiders are leaving. The Warriors are gone in a few seasons. The A’s are trying to establish their commitment to the city. Continue reading

Report: Chargers to announce move to Los Angeles

And it is finally going to happen.

After entertaining the idea of moving, the San Diego Chargers will be the Los Angeles Chargers. According to ESPN, the announcement is expected on Thursday. I wonder if they will have a name change.

The Chargers have struggled to find a way to get a new stadium and the fan support hasn’t been strong in San Diego. That doesn’t mean that the support in Los Angeles will be that much better. The Rams are not good and fans aren’t showing up to the home games.

At this point, it looks like the Chargers will share the Coliseum with the Rams unless there are plans to use the Rose Bowl. Those are the two major stadiums in Los Angeles that can host an NFL team.

This is sad for San Diego. They deserve better. Los Angeles doesn’t need a second team. But here are we are. Welcome to Los Angeles, Phil. How do you feel about it?


The good and bad of the Rams coming back to Los Angeles

The St. Louis Rams are no more. The NFL has approved of the Rams to return to Los Angeles after 21 years away. Los Angeles has been desiring for a team for quite some time and they are getting one. They might even get a second one.

But this is great news for Los Angeles and sad news for St. Louis.

On one hand, one of the biggest markets in all of America finally has its football team back. There should be some great excitement in the city for a new football team.

But this is also a sad day for St. Louis, a city with passionate fans but the business side of the league caught up to them.

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Reports: NBA Board of Governors vote to reject Kings relocation to Seattle

Tearing a team away from the community is a tough thing. I am glad the Kings aren’t moving. But this also means that the team has to put out a good product or else these talks resurface again.

Sacramento City Council approves arena deal for Kings

Is there hope for the Kings to stay in Sacramento? Maybe. I have never actually seen the Kings play in Sacramento ever before and I don’t want them to move.

Would I be OK with the Warriors moving to San Francisco?

Do we have the return of the Warriors to San Francisco?

If you haven’t heard yet, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is courting the Warriors and trying to convince them to move to San Francisco. Here’s the article.

I don’t know the logistics of moving a franchise but I do know that I have mixed feelings about the potential move.

Being an East Bay native, I have always had the Warriors as a team that’s part of Oakland. The Oracle Arena is a nice place and it’s rocking nearly every night for this team.

Having them move to San Francisco would at least change the convenience for me. (Yes, even though I’ve moved away from the Bay, I still call it home.)

Driving to the Coliseum/Oracle area is great because I have great parking spots which I never have to pay for. Also, I can take BART to the game. It’s all right there for me, all convenient.

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