This Warriors-Clippers rivalry is the dawning of a new era

Aside from the sleeves we saw today on Christmas, the other buzz people are talking about are the Warriors and Clippers’s new rivalry. They both had a scuffle in their last meeting and a few broke out during their Christmas game.

I initially thought this rivalry between the two was not necessary. It seemed to me that a great rivalry would be against the foes that had been atop the West for a while: the Lakers, Spurs and Thunder.

But now thinking about it, those teams aren’t the top teams anymore. They’re good, but the tide has turned in the West. The Clippers and Warriors are now rising up.

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49ers vs Seahawks: The rivalry for all generations has met the hype

This the game NFL fans have been waiting for.

When the offseason rolled around, there was a major anticipation for the 49ers and Seahawks to meet again. Their first of two meetings (and possibly three) is tonight in Seattle on prime time.

The rivalry has grabbed the attention of everyone in the NFL world. It has become the premiere rivalry. No longer is the hard-nosed defensive battle between the Ravens and Steelers the talk of football. We have the showdown out West that’s worth our attention.

What first attracted people to this rivalry was that these two teams now are considered to be in the elite of the NFL, both having made the playoffs last season. Adding to the fact that both of these teams are division rivals, it just adds more to every matchup these two encounter.

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