Mark Schlereth is a hater for hating on RGIII’s logo

This was a response from Mark Schlereth to Robert Griffin III’s new Adidas logo.

I don’t know what his deal is, but I don’t understand why he’s hating. Adidas created the logo for Griffin. In fact, numerous companies create logos for their athletes. Tom Brady has one. Kobe Bryant has one. Allen Iverson has one. Tiger Woods has one.

How come he doesn’t go after them or the company that makes the logo?

Of course this comes with the territory that with a guy with that big of a name, anything he does generates attention? Was it his doing or Adidas? I don’t know. But this is how it is in this social world. It’s about self-promotion. People will just hate on it.

Was it the best? It’s hard to say. But to rub Super Bowl rings like that? Come on, Schlereth. Don’t be a hater.

My own fantasy draft advice that helps you win or lose

I think I am in four leagues this year. I can’t remember. But I do know my football and I have fantasy advice to share. After some hits and misses from last year’s suggestion box, let’s see how this one goes.

These suggestions are just that. I can’t guarantee victory for any of you, but hey, I’ll share what I know.

1 – QB in first round last year was encouraged, but not this year.

Getting a solid running back first and possibly a great tight end is a bigger priority. If you wait four or five rounds, you still have a chance to grab Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning and maybe Robert Griffin III. Trust me, you want to get the harder to come by elite running backs early. It’d be nice to have Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. But if you don’t have to get them early, then you can wait.

On a side note, Colin Kaepernick is the most intriguing quarterback out there. He has a ton of fantasy potential with his arm and legs. But with so little receiver experience, can he be that explosive? I think he can, but don’t draft him too high. If he falls to you in the third round, then go ahead. But not too early.

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First Down/Fourth Down: Mike Shanahan loses his RGIII gamble

I hope Griffin makes it back next season healthy. He’s a bright star, a nice guy and a huge boost to the league. He’s too good of a kid to have something like this detour his career.

Rob Parker on RG3 comments: “I blew it and I’m sincerely sorry”

As much as this is good PR, this is still a bigger issue Parker doesn’t get. RG3 never said he doesn’t want to be black, he wants to be known not as just a black QB. Parker wants him to acknowledge his impact for the black community. Both are valid, but the confusion for Parker is that he was too ignorant to realize that the times have changed and even though race is still an issue, it’s not that important in this sense anymore. In the NFL where we have all kinds of people playing, a successful RG3 will will make its own impact without comments from either side. This rookie is still finding his way around the league and Parker needs to realize that he can’t judge anyone so soon or in that matter. Never judge a man’s integrity without really knowing him — and Parker doesn’t know RG3 at all.

I think I understand exactly where Rob Parker was coming from on RGIII — but he’s still wrong

Before I give you my thoughts, watch the above video. Then for the entire transcript, click this link.

Rob Parker decided to dig deep into his mind and wonder why Robert Griffin III isn’t black enough in his eyes. To him, a black person must love Barack Obama, have an all black family and maybe should listen to gangsta rap and so forth. For him they have to be “hood” and need to have “swag” probably too.

Calling him a cornball essentially calls RGIII as a fraud, saying that he puts up a front to cover up something. And that something is that Griffin isn’t black.

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Forget CM Punk, RG3 Is The WWE Champion

This is pretty funny and I am glad that wrestling belts are still cool to have around. I need one.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

When he isn’t slaying the Dallas Cowboys secondary, Robert Griffin III is talking to the media, getting in his playbook, or preparing to ruin an opposing defense.

Yesterday, he took time out of his schedule to make a pre-recorded appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Through a website called 4th and Pain (operated by Redskin teammate Adam Carriker), Griffin was presented with a WWE championship belt.

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Erin Andrews Practices “Griffing” – The Latest Version Of Tebowing

This has got to stop. #Griffining is not neccessary.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

The latest craze in posing?


Yes, Robert Griffin III is on fire these days after torching the Saints in Week 1.

When RG3 connected with Pierre Garcon on an 88-yard touchdown pass last Sunday, FOX cameras caught the Redskins quarterback celebrating with both arms extended in the air while sitting on the turf.

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