The JaVale McGee and Shaq beef is stupid

When Shaq started clowning JaVale McGee for his lowlights, I was OK with it. After all, if McGee did something dumb, I was fine with Shaq pointing it out. But last night’s beef was too much.

McGee did not do anything to warrant a huge mock trailer from Shaq. There was no reason to attack McGee, who has been playing way better this year.

Am I OK with the Warriors reaching out to Turner? I’m on the fence. One, it shouldn’t be their problem. But secondly, this is a bully mentality and it’s not right.

The Twitter beef between the two has escalated and I am sure this won’t end unless Turner or the NBA punishes either or both men.

This is all childish.

Lakers really have no idea what their own history looked like

Great history. Very little attention to detail.

Great history. Very little attention to detail.

So there’s this conspiracy theory about the Lakers going on right now and that unfortunately took away some positives that they celebrated Tuesday.

The team retired Shaquille O’Neal’s number. It was a great gesture. Unfortunately, it reminded me of an issue I’ve had with the Lakers and apparently they did not fix it.

Look at the jersey they used for O’Neal. The name and number are placed in front of the jersey? And look at the other retired numbers. All the fonts are wrong. For such a historical franchise, they really have no one to point out the inaccuracies of these jerseys? Terrible.

But the ceremony was very nice.

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