Thousands turn out for #BostonStrong photo shoot [pics]

Thousands turn out for #BostonStrong photo shoot [pics]

Beautiful. Strong.

Where Are They Now? – The Sandlot

When my copy of SI comes in, I am reading this!

Inside Sports Illustrated

sandlotTwenty years ago nine kids took to a makeshift diamond to tell a story about baseball and capture the essence of youth in 1962. Two decades later, the actors from The Sandlot have scattered professionally and geographically, but some remain close and all are connected by the same experience and the same iconic line: “You’re killing me Smalls!” SI writer Matt Gagne takes a look at what the actors who played the nine main characters have been up to since the movie came out – from acting and playing poker to saving lives and running a pizza shop.

Patrick Renna – Ham:

Known as the pudgy, freckled-faced kid who spoke the infamous line, “You’re killing me Smalls,” Patrick Renna discusses his post-Sandlot athletic success from mastering slow-pitch softball to earning a hole-in-one during a difficult shot at a California golf course last July. The 34-year-old Renna, who is married…

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Regional SI Cover Features Sharp Shooting Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors

This has got to be the most Bay Area cover ever. Stephen Curry on the cover. On the top, a story on Bo Jackson, Willie Mays to Yoenis Cespedes. Then on the top right, another story on former Stanford star Jason Collins.

Inside Sports Illustrated

20COVv6CURRYpromoThis week’s SI features a look by senior writer Chris Ballard at the top complementary shooters in this year’s playoffs who give elite scorers room to operate and one star—Stephen Curry—who doesn’t need anyone’s help to find room to get off a shot. The regional cover is Curry’s first appearance on an SI cover.

During the Warriors six-game first-round victory over the Nuggets, Ballard says that Curry “appeared to be engaged in one very long, extremely thorough heat check.” (Page 52)

Ballard writes that Curry is a different breed who not only creates his own space, “but he also thrives in the absence of it.” Along with some nudging from his sharp shooting father Dell and coach Mark Jackson, Curry has adapted to defenders playing him tight by shooting more quickly and from more difficult angels. This has led to Curry scoring 59.1% of his buckets…

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Michael Jordon on the Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

It’s a nice cover. With ESPN reminding us every minute of this, I like SI doing this simple cover with all that is his airness.

Inside Sports Illustrated

MJCoverYears after he last took the court, Michael Jordan is still a major presence in sports culture. To celebrate the iconic superstar’s 50th birthday, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has placed Jordan on its February 18th cover for a record 50th time. In this week’s issue, Senior writer Phil Taylor (@SI_PhilTaylor) looks at Jordan’s lasting effect on basketball, and sports in general, and examines his recent stint as a basketball executive for the Charlotte Bobcats.

“Depending on your generation, realizing that His Airness is now eligible for senior discounts is like the first time you heard the Rolling Stones on an oldies station or saw Winona Ryder playing someone’s mom,” Taylor writes. (PAGE 36)

Jordan, who built his own brand and spoiled us with his heroic performances, now spends his days at his $12.4 million mansion in Jupiter, Fla., or his $3.2 million condo in downtown Charlotte…

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Better Late Than Never – 2013 NHL Preview

What makes this such a hard prediction is that with essentially no offseason, we don’t know what any of the teams are capable of doing. With a shortened season, these kinds of predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Inside Sports Illustrated

NHL 13In this week’s Sports Illustrated, find everything you need to know for the 2013 NHL season, including Sports Illustrated’s pick of the Penguins over the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Final(PAGEs 28-34). Here’s how Sports Illustrated sees the playoffs shaking out: 


Central Division                              

*Red Wings (2)                                

*Blackhawks (4)                                              

*Blues (7)                                           

*Predators (8)                                  

Blue Jackets (15)                             

Northwest Division                          

*Canucks (1)                                     

*Wild (5)                                             

Avalanche (10)                                 

Flames (11)                                        

Oilers (12)                                          

Pacific Division                                

*Kings (3)                                           

*Sharks (6)                                        

Coyotes (9)                                                                                                                        

Stars (13)                                            

Ducks (14)     


Atlantic Division

*Penguins (1)

*Rangers (4)

*Flyers (5)

*Devils (7)

Islanders (13)

Northeast Division

*Bruins (2)

*Sabers (6)

Senators (10)

Maple Leafs (11)

Canadiens (12)

Southeast Division

*Capitals (3)

*Lightning (8)

Panthers (9)                                                                      

Hurricanes (14)

Jets (15)

*Denotes playoff team

Western Finals                                 Eastern Finals

Canucks over Blackhawks                   Penguins over Rangers

Stanley Cup Finals: Penguins over Canucks

And here are predictions for…

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LeBron James named SI’s Sportsman of the Year: Was it the right choice?

LeBron James wins the Sportsman of the Year award.

LeBron James wins the Sportsman of the Year award.

Sports Illustrated named their Sportsman of the Year winner today and it is LeBron James.

This is the criteria for the award: “Annually, the magazine presents the Sportsman of the Year award to the transcendent athlete, coach or team who by virtue of their superior athletic achievement and comportment took us all to a higher place.

As I think about all the other sports figures that have made news this past year, I start to think about them and wonder if they were more qualified to win this award than James. And the more I think about it, the more I realized that I couldn’t come up with a strong argument for anyone else.

So with James, I content with him winning it.


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