Last night was bad goaltending and irony for Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur is a stellar goaltender and is on his way to the Hall of Fame. Henrik Lundqvist is having an MVP-type year and will win the Vezina. Yet last night’s performance by both of them was not pretty.

Lundqvist gave up three early first period goals and Brodeur just let easy goals slip by him.

As you can see in the above video, he couldn’t play the puck because it was outside the trapezoid — an NHL rule that was produced courtesy of Brodeur’s aggressive forechecking style. The irony of it all.

Maybe both goalies were just tired and had a bad game. But at least for Lundqvist, he can’t afford another one. Devils are up 3-2 and can stamp their ticket to the Cup Finals with one more win.

Why are the Sharks going with their black third jerseys in the playoffs again?

Last year for the first time in their history, the Sharks decided to wear their third jerseys for the entire playoffs. By rule, the team couldn’t flip flop between the thirds and primaries throughout the playoffs. So Team Teal was black at home.

San Jose has decided to wear their thirds again this year and I think it’s a mistake. Last year I think they wore it just to get off some bad mojo. But since it didn’t work, the Sharks need to go back to wearing teal.

As the only team in the league to wear teal, why not go with the look they are most recognized for? I don’t know if it’s for merchandise sales or not, but I ┬ábelieve that in the playoffs, a team shouldn’t wear their alternates. Keep the alternates for the regular season.

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