MLB’s Independence Day caps look like this?

Paul Lukas has all the details in his blog. I will share a few thoughts.

  • I hope that all these caps are the same red, white and blue color scheme. If the A’s had their green and gold featured in this cap, it will look terrible.
  • The flag isn’t necessary. It just clutters it up even more. From the first glance, I was afraid that the gray would be the reflective material New Era has used recently. But that would be illegal so it’s not there.
  • This is what happens when they’re running out of ideas. I have no problem with the design really. But the problem lies within the fact MLB is using it as an official part of their uniform.

New Era reveals Independence Day caps for MLB

MLB has either had teams wear red, white and blue caps or camouflage caps for their nationals holidays in the past. This year, they will be wearing the above on Independence Day.

The design will use the same template and material as the batting practice caps. Crowns will be red with a navy brim or the reverse, with a navy crown and red brim. The underbrim appear to be all gray. The team logo will be white outlined in navy over a star with the flag design in the interior. (The Rockies cap in the image might be navy with a white outline.)

It appears that the American League could be all red crowns and the National League will all be navy crowns. At least that’s my assumption with this photo and a couple leaks in the past week.

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MLB tries to avoid another PR disaster with Cleveland Indians

Which one is better?

Remember when MLB had that issue with the Braves batting practice cap? Looks like they’ve run into the same problem with the Cleveland Indians.

What was initially as a Chief Wahoo logo has now been replaced with the block “C”, and the excuse is that they simply used the wrong image for the release.

But do you buy it?

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New Era unveils MLB’s Independence Day caps and they look cluttered

New Era’s creativity here isn’t that great.

We knew that the camouflage caps were only a Memorial Day thing. So I was left to wonder what the Independence Day caps would look like. New Era’s Facebook page showed us that this morning.

It’s the mesh fabric that the new batting practice caps have and I think that’s totally fine with me. What bothers me, aside from the randomness of a red or blue brim, is that the starts on the logo do not reflect the flag. As you can see by the Angels logo, the Stars are not parallel to each other. It’s just randomly placed.

It appears that the home team will wear caps with the white crown and the road team will be the gray crown. The brim colors appear random, so I don’t know what correlation there is for that either.

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MLB wants to celebrate the USMC and Memorial Day with this uniform

The email tells me that the deal comes with free beach towel!

We already knew that all teams would be wearing this United States Marine Corps camouflage cap, but also they will pair it up with matching jerseys.

In fact, I got an email this morning from the online shop promoting the new products and how if I spent at least $99, I’d get a free beach towel with it!

I’m pretty sure that the intent of this sale wasn’t to promote their new product by using Memorial Day as their launching pad. After all, Memorial Day is to honor all those who’ve died in war fighting for this country. But somehow, someway once again, combining a day of memory for the fallen and great deals on camouflage gear has become MLB’s norm.

As mentioned by Uni Watch, it’s one of those things where maybe the best thing is to not use the weekend as a marketing opportunity. It shouldn’t. But here we are.

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MLB’s Memorial Day Stars & Stripes caps are officially unveiled and I say no thank you

Camouflage Orioles cap.

MLB and New Era officially unveiled their caps for Memorial Day. They’re going with the camouflage theme once again. This time the entire cap will be camo with the logo remaining the same color on the cap.

You can see all the caps right here.

Of course, this is a marketing thing and I for one actually am a fan of camouflage designs. (Do any of the proceeds go to veterans?) However, this set isn’t to my liking. Unless the team wears a matching jersey like the Padres have done in the past, it doesn’t work.

What do you think of these? I don’t really like them and I hope it’s just for one time this year.

Grant Balfour improvises camouflage cap with a couple Sharpies


With Independence Day yesterday, teams throughout Major League Baseball wore camouflage caps to honor the military that served to provide us freedom in America.

It’s a nice gesture and all proceeds of these caps sold at stadiums and online go directly to the Welcome Back Veterans Fund, so it’s a good thing all around.

As I was watching the A’s-Red Sox game on TV yesterday, I noticed that reliever Grant Balfour’s cap was not the issues camouflaged cap. (This is what it is supposed to look like.) It appears to be a regular home cap with the logo filled in with marks from a Sharpie.

I asked some beat writers but none of them were able to get a chance to ask Balfour why he wore that. Did he misplace his cap? Is it because he’s Australian? I wonder what the reason is.

History of Major League Baseball honoring America

A look back at the league’s way of honoring America.

With Major League Baseball doing their annual “Stars & Stripes” deal this year, that inspired Chris Creamer of to dig into the history books to dig up other instances the league has honored America.

Great stuff here. Do you remember any of these? I remember everything from the past decade.

Click here to read the article.

Dilemma: Which cap should I buy? Do I just get both?

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As some of you may remember, MLB is releasing their “Stars & Stripes” caps for this year.

I am not a big fan of these kind of promotions but I still feel that it was a great opportunity for design for the A’s caps. Since the camo is similar to green, it would fit well with the A’s color design.

Now with the designs now released to the public, I now have a chance to see the A’s road version of it. To my knowledge, these S&S caps will be worn on Memorial Day (May 28) and Independence Day (July 4) and possibly September 11.

The A’s are on the road for two of those games with ID4 being a home game. That means the A’s will wear both caps this year. Now I kind of want to have both since both will see the field.

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