Broncos get uniform superstitious for Super Bowl 50

The Broncos will be making their eighth Super Bowl appearance in team history. In those games they have worn three different jersey colors. Here are their records.

Orange: 0-4

White: 1-1

Blue: 1-0

The team just announced that despite being the designated home team, they will wear their all-white road look. I think they don’t want to wear the unlucky orange tops.

With this news, that means the Panthers are wearing their black tops. Those jerseys have been paired with silver or black pants in the past. Knowing that owner Jerry Richardson is a traditionalist, I expect this uniform matchup for the Super Bowl.

Should Broncos change uniforms following ugly Super Bowl loss?

Broncos are 0-4 wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl.

Take this blog entry as a time for me to ponder something that has no real effect on the team but could possibly influence their psyche.

Following their ugly loss this past Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Broncos are now 0-4 while wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl. The combined points scored by those four teams is 38. And with the last team featuring the best offense in league history, it’s a real shock.

Of course, the jersey they wore in those four games didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. The players and coaches’ decisions did. The uniforms are just uniforms.

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Source of Sharks winning ways can be traced back to me

The Sharks are on a six-game winning streak. They’ve made a lot of roster changes during that time and they’re still winning.

And this all started when I didn’t watch them play.

I usually watch all the Sharks games but I haven’t watched them in the last six games. Coincidentally, they haven’t lost during that time span.

Am I responsible for it? Probably not, but I would like to say that because I haven’t watched, the Sharks have been playing well. You can thank me later.

So the Mavericks might not shave for the rest of the season…

We’ve heard of playoff bears. But ever heard of beard growing mid-season? That’s what the 21-28 team will do now. They will not be shaving until they get back to .500.

It’s a bold move and one that I commend.

The only problem is that the team is not so good and they might not ever reach .500 again. If that’s the case, full beards for the remainder of the season for this team. That’s going to be a hairy situation.