The Catch II: Remembering it 20 years later


Can you believe it? Exactly 20 years ago today, The Catch II happened. This remains as one of the greatest playoff moments in San Francisco 49ers history. To me, it is one of the most impossible and unexpected moments in team history.

And for good reason. This 49ers team had been dominating since the 1980s and well into the 90s. But the team’s nemesis since their 1994 Super Bowl win was the Green Bay Packers. They had Brett Favre at the helm winning MVP awards. The Niners just couldn’t beat them. And with a late touchdown to Antonio Freeman, this game seemed to be another loss to the Packers.

I also remember Terrell Owens, the hero of this game. He struggled throughout the game, dropping passes. That stood out to me. But also in the back of my mind I knew that the team was nearing the end of their amazing run. Steve Young and Jerry Rice were getting up there in age. They were still good, but I just had a hard time seeing this team sustain dominance for much longer. And with the Packers being the better team (having gone to consecutive Super Bowls, winning one of them) it just felt that this might have been the last hurrah.

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Terrell Owens vs the Hall of Fame: The battle of pettiness

Now I agree with many people that Terrell Owens should attend his own Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It is a great honor to be recognized and it would great to hear him speak about his great career.

But of course, this opportunity should have happened two years ago. Owens is one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history and should have been a first-ballot induction. But he wasn’t. It was due to his reputation off the field that soured the voters which led to the wait.

Owens understandably was not happy about being snubbed because of this. Even though his attitude during his playing days was not great, his skills and stats as a player are worthy of entry in first year.

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This is why Terrell Owens celebrated on the Dallas Cowboys star

I had always assumed that Terrell Owens’ famous touchdown celebration on the Cowboys’ star was because he wanted to mock the opposition.

Not exactly.

In “A Football Life,” Owens retells the story of that day and said it was his way of praising God. You can believe that if you want or not, but watch the video and see for yourself.

Terrell Owens forced to work at Goodwill store by rule of judge

Terrell Owens worked eight hours in a Goodwill store in Studio City, CA.

It’s been a very tumultuous 2012 for Terrell Owens. After showing up on Dr. Phil and revealing that he has a lot of baby mama drama, it was also revealed that he’s trying to hold onto these relationships with women despite falling behind on child support payments.

Not only that, his source of income isn’t as very strong as he was unable to latch onto an NFL roster for the regular season.

As pointed out by Black Sports Online, that all led to him being forced to work at a Goodwill store for eight hours as part of community service for being behind on child support payments a traffic violation.

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Terrell Owens’ bad hands may have cost him his final chance at the NFL

Aside from the near overdose of drugs, the constant complaining to everybody and his child support issues, Owens has always prided himself in being a very in-shape, talented football player. He has Hall of Fame career numbers and after knee surgery, we wondered if he had anything left.

His time with the Seahawks ended today and some may wonder if that was the last opportunity he would ever have in the NFL. He was in shape and appeared to be in good spirits about this opportunity. But unfortunately, the Seahawks didn’t like what they saw and they got rid of him.

As I watched the preseason games this year, I realized that Owens had numerous opportunities to make an impression to the team. But I think that ultimately, his one weakness as a football player caught up to him. He just doesn’t have great hands.

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Oh Terrell Owens, you’re just so you

Watch out before T.O. says something dumb again.

If you haven’t heard the news, Terrell Owens is joining the Seattle Seahawks on a one-year deal. This comes to me as a surprise as I thought his NFL days were over. He hasn’t played since 2010 and was coming off knee surgery.

But Pete Carroll apparently likes trouble making wide receivers. They have Braylon Edwards, had Antonio Bryant, and now T.O. joins the mix.

This is an odd time for Owens because instead of celebrating from the public, most are now laughing and wondering when he’s going to screw up. With his history of selfishness, locker room troubles, off-field issues with child support, and everything else, nobody seems to believe that he is worth the trouble.

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