My Top 10 WWF/WWE entrance themes of all time

What a powerful photo of some powerful people.

With the WWE announcing that WrestleMania 31 is coming to Santa Clara in 2015, it got me really excited. I will attend it. I cannot miss it.

That also got me thinking about my favorite entrance themes of all time. It’s a tough list to put together a Top 10 but it was fun going back down memory lane.

This is a subjective list and because I started my wrestling watching during the Attitude Era, that’s where most of my favorite themes are from. You’ll probably disagree and that’s OK.

10 – My Time (Triple H)

I actually like the songs Motorhead did for The Game, but this theme was perfect for a budding superstar about to come into his own. It was his time.

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Every team needs a silly unofficial theme song

The above is not an official Miami Marlins theme song. In fact, it has nothing to do with the team. But this unofficial theme song for the new Miami Marlins is so catchy that I wish every team had one.

I remember when the Minnesota Vikings got one from Prince and two seasons ago, Wiz Khalifa did one for the Steelers. But neither of them were this silly.

With a Caribbean feel and a light-hearted message, this song makes me want to cheer for the new Marlins. Go fish!