The top 10 blunders from the NBA-Adidas partnership

Since 2006, Adidas has been the official outfitter of the NBA. And on Monday, it was announced that the NBA would not renew their contract with them after the 2016-17 season. I have not been a fan of many things Adidas has done in terms of aesthetics, design and common decency.

And during their time with the NBA, they have made more than their fair share of terrible outfits for NBA teams. Some of these designs had to have come from the NBA but still, it’s Adidas with the creative control on these outfits. And with that, I give you their 10 biggest blunders during their partnership with the NBA (and there’s two more years to come).

10- All-Star Game uniforms

I liked it when the All-Star Game uniforms were simple. Or even the years when the players would just wear their own team uniforms. But Adidas decided to get crazy and give us the following monstrosities.

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My Top 10 WWF/WWE entrance themes of all time

What a powerful photo of some powerful people.

With the WWE announcing that WrestleMania 31 is coming to Santa Clara in 2015, it got me really excited. I will attend it. I cannot miss it.

That also got me thinking about my favorite entrance themes of all time. It’s a tough list to put together a Top 10 but it was fun going back down memory lane.

This is a subjective list and because I started my wrestling watching during the Attitude Era, that’s where most of my favorite themes are from. You’ll probably disagree and that’s OK.

10 – My Time (Triple H)

I actually like the songs Motorhead did for The Game, but this theme was perfect for a budding superstar about to come into his own. It was his time.

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My Top 10 best NFL helmets of all time

Last night I started to think about the best helmets in NFL history. It was something that I decided to make a list of right here just because why not? The NFL helmet is the identity of the team. I remember the old Monday Night Football intros where both helmets crash into each other. That’s priceless.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to create my own personal list of the Top 10 helmets in NFL history that I think stand the test of time. Feel free to disagree with me here.

Before I begin, here are some basic criteria that I used to determine which helmets should be on the list.

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Sneak Peek: Top 10 Joe Montana Games

This should be a fun one. I wonder what is his top game? How many comeback wins are on this list?

My Top 10 baseball movies of all time (from the ones I’ve watched)

I wish all walk off homers were like this — and in slow motion.

Baseball is my favorite sport. Baseball is a children’s game that when you play, you remain forever young.

The other day, I ended up watching “The Sandlot” and it reminded me why that movie is my favorite baseball movie of all time. Inspired by that, I have decided to put together my Top 10 favorite baseball movies that I have seen.

(The list will contain clips from the movies. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch the clips.)

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