Out of all the NBA trades, Kevin Garnett’s return to Minnesota is the most exciting

Hi. Did you miss me?

I know there are other trades going on in the NBA but this one is the biggest one and the one that has me the most excited. I know Kevin Garnett is on the tail end of his career and isn’t putting up great numbers or has any of the physical abilities he did 10 years ago. But there is always something so beautiful for me whenever I see a player go back to the team he started his career with.

Kevin Garnett was a legend in Minnesota. He was the big ticket. The team hasn’t been to the playoffs since he took them there in 2004 and even though he might not be able to contribute much other than wisdom, this looks like the final stopping point for him before he hangs them up and possibly takes a bigger leadership role in the front office.

The exciting part for me is the nostalgia. His return to Minnesota is just that for me. And it will be fun for me to watch him play in those blue, black and silver uniforms.

With years of wisdom, knowledge of how to win and being one of the best players of this generation, this is a nice ending to his great career. I hope they give him the greatest of welcomes when he returns for his first game back in Minneapolis. He was great there. And now he can finish there.

Why I am OK with the Josh Donaldson trade to the Blue Jays

Entering this offseason, I expected the A’s to make moves. After all, they went all in in 2014 and didn’t win. As a result, the team was gutted and needed to reinvent themselves. I don’t think the talent pool is so bad that they have to rebuild. But instead, they had to make some changes to make it work in a year or two.

Nobody is sacred with Billy Beane as the general manager and I know that. Trading players away to gather talent for the future is what the A’s have always been about. And it’s not surprising that a trade like this could happen. I am an A’s fan. I know this. I’ve been through it. I don’t get emotional about it.

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How the Browns-Harbaugh trade could have worked out

Jim Harbaugh in Cleveland?

So there have been conflicting reports and denials by the 49ers that the supposed proposal to trade Jim Harbaugh to the Browns for draft picks is false.

Of course, both sides could easily deny it just to save face, but we will never know if it was true.

However, if it was true and multiple draft picks were involved, then we have to wonder if that was the only thing on the table or something else prevented the deal from happening. Also, that would mean the 49ers would have to promote Greg Roman or Brad Seely as the new head coach. Or steal David Shaw from Stanford.

Using my logic, these are the terms to the trade that would make it fair for both sides.

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