Was that a goaltend at the end of the UCLA-SMU game?

That was the game-winning shot! Except the ball never went in. It was ruled a goaltend and UCLA took the lead and won, advancing to the next round.

Take a look at these two angles. Is that a goaltend? The shot looks off and there appears to be a chance that it would have missed the rim entirely. Maybe the refs think it could have grazed the rim. We’ll never know. But from these angles, it looks like it would have missed.

However, the risk is too high to be even trying to grab the ball that close to the rim. And it’s odd that the officials can’t go to replay on something like that. Still, it may not have had any chance of going in, but chancing it by reaching for the ball that close to the rim warrants a call. Not a fair call, but it was the call that had to be made.

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Loyalty means nothing in the world of NCAA sports

We’ve seen all too often in college sports. A coach will just get up and leave a school to coach elsewhere. The contract they had, the verbal commitment they said, were all thrown out the window. And today, Steve Alford leaves New Mexico to coach at UCLA.

Even though Alford had signed a 10-year extension with New Mexico, he just got up and left. Even though he said a few days earlier about his commitment, he got up and left. And what about those recruits that came to play for him? They’re stuck.

This isn’t fair and this is the shame that comes with the NCAA. There’s so much money that comes in to lure coaches. The players don’t see a dime. The players make the money for these coaches. The coaches just get up and go.

There has to be a better way to regulate this. Even though it’s not against the rules, it’s hurting college sports. It’s hurting these student-athletes’ futures.