The 2015 edition of ugly NFL Christmas sweaters are out and they’re ugly

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With the craze of the ugly Christmas sweaters and the NFL tag-teaming last year, it’s natural that people want more. Now we have them. Check out the new sweaters that you can pre-order right now.

The common themes are still there with the design: asymmetry, random winter-themed designs and other random fashion designs like chevrons and diamonds.

These were hot last year. Would they continue to be hot sellers this year?

NBA Ugly Player Sweaters are very ugly

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the ugly sweaters. We have seen all the stories about them.

Yet somehow, the NBA ones are the worst. Since the Christmas uniforms are ugly every year, it just makes sense that these are equally ugly.

The fact that these are player names, team logos, lots of distracting designs make this the ultimate ugly sweater. Check them out here. What do you think about them?

Who needs ugly NFL sweaters when you have ugly NFL cardigans?

The game done changed. Oh man, this is ugly. I love it! Check out the tweet.

I think the 49ers one is calling for me. The sweaters were great. But this is a whole new level. It’s $119 though. But if you have the spending money, you might as well.

What do you think? Would you get these?

Those ugly NFL Christmas sweaters have a new design and I love them

I wasn’t sold on the previous two 49ers sweater designs. However, this new one is perfect for me.

Remember when they announced the ugly NFL sweaters? Well, it looks like we have ourselves some new designs released just in time for purchase before our eggnogging drinking days.

Check out these new designs. They don’t have designs for all the teams, but the looks are similar. The front has the team logo. The sleeves color (with sleeve stripes and numbers) contrasts the body of the sweater. On the back is a number which is just filled with complete unnecessary snowflakes. It’s ugly. It’s perfect.

As a 49ers fan, I wanted these but the two previous designs were just OK with me. This one, however, I really like. I think I am getting it.

Check out their selections right here.

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Ugly sweaters for all teams is the best news I’ve heard

I have been a fan of the ugly sweaters when they first released the NFL batch. Then they released the baseball versions. Then the hockey versions.

The good news now is that all teams will get their sweaters. At the time, all NFL teams were represented but only a handful for both MLB and NHL teams. In fact, the basketball versions were also limited. This news makes me happy.

I was apprehensive about getting the 49ers sweater because I didn’t really like the designs enough to get one. I had hoped that they would have them for the other teams. Now with this news, I am leaning towards the Sharks. Winter sport with a winter ugly sweater. That works out perfectly. But if the Warriors one is nice, that might be my second choice.

Who needs NFL ugly sweaters when you can get the NHL ones?

NHL ugly sweaters are here for you to buy!

Remember when the NFL ugly sweaters were introduced and it got a lot of attention? Well if you’re a hockey fan, these NHL sweaters might be a better fit for you.

Unfortunately, they only have the sweaters for the Bruins, Blackhawks, Rangers, Red Wings, Flyers and Penguins. It isn’t known if the rest of the league will be included and they are $59.99 each for pre-order.

What do you think? Check the rest of the sweaters right here.

If you like the NFL ugly sweaters, the MLB ugly sweaters are coming too

When the NFL ugly sweaters made the waves around the Internet over the weekend, I noticed that there were placeholders for MLB versions to it.

As confirmed by Forever Collectibles, the company behind the ugly sweaters, the MLB placeholders are indeed used for a soon future release of the MLB sweaters.

I am curious as to what these will look like. I will get an ugly sweater but I don’t know which sport I want to go with. Baseball is my favorite sport, but football works so much better since it actually is a sport that runs through winter. It will all depend on the design whenever it’s released.

I am excited to see which one I will get. They don’t currently have all the MLB teams listed with placeholders, but that may change.

The placeholder on Clark Toys’ site.

Get your NFL ugly sweaters for next Christmas!

Last night I saw this updated cover photo from Clark Toys. I ventured on to their site and came upon their NFL ugly sweater collection. Made by Forever Collectibles, they also have MLB ones but the photos aren’t up yet. But the NFL ones are pretty ugly.

Actually, not really ugly, but just kind of out there. Even though Christmas has passed, you can get yours for the next one. Each team has two designs and both are pretty good. Some of the animal related ones have actual depicted silhouettes of the animal while other have snowflakes and candycanes.

Would you want to grab one of these for the next Christmas?

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