Report: Under Armour, Fanatics taking over MLB in 2020

This is a huge deal. Majestic and Nike have had exclusive rights to the MLB uniform. But according to the Sports Business Journal, that ends in 2020 when Under Armour takes over. All uniforms will be made by UA and we could expect some changes to some uniforms. Additionally, Fanatics will also be the merchandise retail seller. They already have a deal in place with MLB Shop but I guess this gives them more autonomy in that case and more influence.

Majestic has had the rights to MLB since 2005 and for the most part, they have done pretty well. But Majestic only focuses on MLB as a major business partner and this will hurt their influence in the rest of the sports world. Even though Majestic introduced us to the Flex Base material, they haven’t done anything huge or revolutionary in that time. They didn’t need to but because of that, it might mean the MLB was more willing to try another provider for a chance of something creative or new.

This is going to be a big change but most teams are unlikely to follow suit with a complete identity overhaul. Some teams that have not been around that long, like the Diamondbacks and their uniform change, might decide to give UA a chance. UA has already made its mark in the college scene and notable players like Buster Posey and Clayton Kershaw wear the brand. It’s a shift that we expected and now we have an idea when the full overhaul is coming.

How come this Under Armour jersey looks like an old Nike one?

Stephen Curry is a sponsor for Brita. I didn’t know that until I saw this tweet from a colleague of mine. That’s good for Curry as he’s getting his fame and exposure out there.

But from these screenshots, I noticed one thing that stood out to me. Look at the jersey he’s wearing. And now look at this old template design from Nike. It looks very similar.

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Under Armour releases country-themed Superman shirts for World Cup

What a great idea. Even though Superman grew up in America and lived there, fighting for the American dream, he means a lot to people all over the world. Naturally with Under Armour’s right to Superman and their desire to grow during the World Cup, this happened.

These Superman shirts feature the design of the flags of some of the countries participating in the World Cup. Those countries include: USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Ireland, England, South Korea, Mexico, Chile and Holland.

Surprisingly, the host country Brazil is not shown.

What do you think? Is it a good look and a smart merchandising and marketing opportunity?

Stephen Curry unveils Veterans Day Under Armour shoes

So you know those “bleeding” uniforms Under Armour gave Northwestern that caused a stir? Apparently they’re doing it for basketball too and Stephen Curry unveiled the shoes to honor the veterans for Veterans Day. Since the Warriors aren’t playing until Tuesday, I think that’s when he plans to debut them.

These shoes from a design standpoint is simple. But the choice of black and green reminds me of night vision goggles. Add onto the fact that the sole looks like a target for a missile crosshair of some sort, I don’t actually know if the design is that good. I mean, you target something or someone you intend to kill, right? I’m not sure I am comfortable with the shoe depicting that.

I suppose there’s a consolation that nobody will see the sole when the shoe is worn.

I’m all for honoring our vets, but I still have a hard time finding these inspired equipment and uniform designs that actually depict the act of violence. Maybe I’m old school. Or maybe Under Armour once again took it a little too far.

Stephen Curry leaves Nike for Under Armour

Under Armour’s biggest star.

Stephen Curry, whose been with Nike since his rookie year, will leave them for Under Armour when his contract ends at the conclusion of this month.

This is a big move for Curry as he’s leaving a very successful brand to join a brand that’s trying to make its niche in sports. Under Armour is mostly known for football but with Curry, maybe basketball could be their next big step. UA already has several stars under their name including Brandon Jennings and DeAndre Jordan.

The pressure will be on UA to market Curry well. I remember when Monta Ellis joined And 1 but because of Ellis’ off-field moped incident, that fell through. But for Curry, he has a bright future and hopefully the new shoes he wears provide his ankles some stability.

It’s a big move for Curry and a risky one. But the reward can be great for him and UA.