Adidas has created very ugly Miami uniforms

The U left Nike to sign with Adidas and Snoop Dogg may have given us a glimpse of what their new jerseys could look like. They look terrible.

I know Snoop has brand loyalty to Adidas, but he seriously can’t think this is good looking, right?

The NCAA Tournament has been fun because of the celebrations

The state of Florida is enjoying all the fun. FGCU and Miami sure know how to celebrate after wins. These two celebrations from Sunday shows us why as underdogs or topdogs, it’s not an easy thing to win basketball games and sometimes, celebrations are a must.

The equipment manager is having fun.

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Idiot fans of college football

A Miami fan runs onto the field and nearly messes up the play for his own team? That’s what happened last night and what’s more disturbing is that the fan actually made it onto the field. What happened to security? How come they didn’t prevent this idiot from getting onto the field?


Who thought this was a good idea?

These Iowa fans decided to wear prison jumpsuits with “J. Sandusky” on the back to the Iowa-Penn State game. I have problems with people who poke fun at the whole Jerry Sandusky thing. There is nothing about it that should be made fun of and yet we have idiots doing this.

Fortunately these idiots were immediately escorted out.