Fan wastes votes on Kiko Alonso for a Buffalo Bills hat

So my initial reaction was that it may be illegal to publicly share a ballot like this. But I think in New York it isn’t. Well, anyway, it’s stupid.

Secondly, what’s more American with democracy where people waste their votes? This! Kiko Alonso needed your vote!

And why did they do it? For a free Buffalo Bills hat! At least what the prize is for future vote-wasters.


The A’s need better #hashtags for their All-Star Game campaign

It’s great to get fans involved in voting and social media. The A’s are promoting the game by telling players to vote with certain hashtags. As you can see by the link provided in the tweets, they’re asking fans to use certain #hashtags.

And in a sense it’s a good idea, but it could have been thought out better.

They are as follows.

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We can still make an impact after election day

This was also on the ballot.

So how did your election day go yesterday? Did whomever or whatever you voted for win?

I hope that regardless of what your ballot looked like that you don’t start throwing hateful words at people who voted differently. It doesn’t matter how they voted. What matters is that we are still united as a nation to continue to try to make this country better.

Sure some of us would have preferred a different result but all candidates want to do one thing and is to lead America forward. With that said, it isn’t one person that makes a country, it’s the people in it. So let’s not get bitter about the ending but instead embrace it with our fellow people and work together to make America great.

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Election day, voting and is the system really a good one?

Make it count.

Today is election day and I hope that you are voting today (or have already sent in your absentee ballots).

One thing I do caution about people who are eligible to vote is that they make themselves aware of what they are voting for. It takes five minutes to get caught up on all the propositions and it is worth it.

I remember when I first registered to vote. I had just arrived at San Jose State and one of the tables out on campus had people asking people to register. I had just turned 18 that summer and this was one of the things that I had looked forward to do.

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My solution to fix the All-Star Game voting in MLB

Bud Selig has made the All-Star Game worse since 2002.

Every year when the MLB All-Star Game rosters are announced, there will always be a good handful of players that the public believes were snubbed. But with the All-Star Game, these things happen when you leave the fate to the hands of the fans.

Fans are fans and many of them might not have a good grasp on reality of what constitutes as a player having a good season. This is what I don’t like about the ASG. It just takes away the opportunity for some players to make it to the game.

Maybe I’m old-school, but I don’t want to make the All-Star Game all about the fans. Especially since these games “mean something” to the playoffs, I would prefer the best of every league to be in it rather than some guy who is very popular.

Can there be a balance of intelligent player selection and allowing the fans to get involved? I think the NFL has it done right.

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