10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 10 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 10 games from Sunday.


1–┬áThis game was a doozy. The 49ers got back to running the ball and they looked good doing it. Then their defense started to pressure and pick off Drew Brees. However, the Saints got right back into things and with Jimmy Graham’s help, took a late lead. The 49ers didn’t deserve to win this yet got so lucky on that 4th down play at the end of regulation. How Michael Crabtree got that open I will never understand. How the 49ers somehow got into overtime I will just keep wondering. The Saints gave it away.

Overtime was like redemption for Ahmad Brooks after last year’s controversial sack on Brees. Clean sack, fumble, and the 49ers won. This game may have saved their season. They should be 6-3 but instead they are 5-4 and likely going to have to sneak in as a wild card team. Can they do it? If their running game is truly back in form, then I believe they can. The defense is only going to get better once healthy and Aldon Smith is allowed to return. The 49ers may have just played the game that turned their mediocre season around.

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