An idea of what the new Hornets jerseys will look like

A look at the jersey wordmarks for the Hornets.

As confirmed by several sources, these are the wordmarks that the new Hornets will use on their jerseys. Unlike their previous set in which the city name was featured on both home and away sets, this one will feature the team name.

It is unknown if the new jerseys will have stripes like their original set, but we can tell that the home jersey is white and the road jersey is purple. Their alternate, which might have sleeves, likely will be teal and unveiled in possibly a year or two. I think it might read “Buzz City.”

I would have preferred that the road set would be teal, but I suppose maybe they unveil a teal version without sleeves later. It’s just a guess.

The colors look fresh and vibrant. I am optimistic about these. The entire uniform set will be unveiled on June 19.

Patriots unveil new wordmark and it is just not impressive

The old and the new.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that the Patriots would be changing their wordmark. It wasn’t confirmed until the team sent out a press release on it. As you can see, gone is the cursive and in with the generic mid-serifs.

I am not on board with it. I liked the previous wordmark and the changes don’t really stand out to me. Does that mean their uniform will undergo a change at the collar?

This new wordmark is very unimaginative. The serifs don’t appear on two of the letters and I think I’ve seen this font before. Where? Oh I know. I saw it all last year. ┬áThe tails look pointless and it reminds me of this.

Change for the sake of change. Not needed and not a fan.