The Indians’ Wahoo-free uniform is better – But at the end of the day…

With the Indians moving on from Chief Wahoo, they have unveiled three new elements to their uniform set as part of the transition. Wahoo is no longer on caps and on sleeves of the uniform. Instead, the Indians are embracing the Block C on all caps and the Wahoo patch instead will featuring the All-Star Game patch.

Their red jersey is actually a nice look, giving us a reminder of the bold red uniforms they wore. I actually think the red jersey works and it is a fresh new look. Especially since the navy version of this was worn so often in previous years. That navy jersey is gone now.

That home cap that pairs with it makes the most sense. The same Block C logo but it still gives the Indians in a sense the same home look with a navy cap with red brim.

The biggest issue I have is the navy jersey. It is basically a color swap with the road gray. But I don’t understand why there is no sleeve piping to it. Reminds me too much of the Red Sox blue jersey.

Overall, it’s fine. It looks good. But it’s hard to make too big of a change to soon. But I expect within five years the team could very well start fresh all over again.