Adidas unveils workout clothing inspired by Native American totem poles

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While reasonable people choosing from the Home Fitness Coach programs and equipment, I am not quite sure what to make of this new Adidas idea. As you already know, I hate Adidas. But this new line of clothing has me confused.

This is not the first time Native American culture has inspired sporting wear. In fact, the entire Seattle Seahawks look is inspired by Native American designs. But this one seems a little too loud for me.

First of all, the overuse of colors is a pain to the eyes. Second of all, it just seems more like a plastering of designs on an outfit.

But I’m not a Native American so I can’t speak for them and what their thoughts are on this.

This does lead me to think about what if Adidas did a Chinese inspired line. What if they designed something that featured dragons, phoenix birds along with images of dynasty warriors fighting on a workout outfit. Would I be OK with that? It depends on how it’s designed but overall, I prefer that they didn’t. It’s not necessary.

Although if it was worn by the Chinese athletes at let say the Olympics or something, maybe that can work. But just a normal wear that’s over-designed for the public? I don’t think so.


And for this one from the collection, I just don’t get it.



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