Vikings make logo change in preparation for potential new uniforms

Time to face the strange.

The Minnesota Vikings have decided to update their logo. They’re minor changes, but it’s a sign for things to come. Rumor has it a new uniform is in the works for this upcoming season.

Usually these kinds of changes are part of a total rebranding.

First, here are the details of their logo change to the Norseman:

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Boise State’s smurf turf now becoming a bigger issue that will affect other schools

No more all blue at home for Boise State?

Recently, Boise State had been told to not wear their all blue uniform set at home so it wouldn’t confuse the opposition. With the blue turf and a team wearing all blue, they believe that could be an advantage for the Broncos.

Now they are trying to make it an official rule that the all-blue monochrome look will never be worn at home.

With this rule in place, there now will be an issue for teams that wear green. Teams like Baylor, Colorado State and Oregon will also no longer be allowed to wear monochrome green at home. They too will be forced to wear some other combination so their uniforms don’t blend in with the green turf.

This seems like a fair compromise, but is it necessary? This rule really is all about Boise State. Is it really an issue if they wear monochrome blue at home? Is it that hard to watch?

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