Please don’t let the Raptors change their name

The history of the Raptors.

If you haven’t heard, the Raptors are considering a name change.

The team has gone through some uniform changes over the years, overhauling from purple and black to now red and black. But their identity as the Raptors has remained the same.

They’ve had a few throwback games here and there but for their entire team existence, they are the Raptors. A product of the 1990s and an expansion team, they’ve had an identity that is recognizable and still very fun. I personally like their name and even though I wish they would return to purple, I want them to keep their name.

I don’t think that a name change would do anything. Even though the team isn’t a playoff contender, an identity change like this doesn’t do much. Much like the New Orleans Pelicans or the soon to be return of the Charlotte Bobcats, a new change will keep people interested for a little bit before the play on the court takes over.

Looking at it, I hope the name doesn’t change. It’s not what the team needs and it’s surely not the way I’d go about it. I like the name as is and it should stay.