NFL unveils drastically changed Pro Bowl uniforms

Were you ready for this?

Now that the NFL has taken an NHL-style approach to the Pro Bowl, that means the traditional red AFC uniforms vs the blue NFC uniforms are no longer needed. That means there will be new uniforms and this is what it looks like. The colors are “vibrant orange” and “volt.”

Nike says the new uniforms will feature stars on nameplates that represent how many times a player has been selected to the Pro Bowl. The NBA does it. Major League Baseball did it once.

The logos on the sleeves appear to be in one color, matching the jersey. The pants “striping” is the same as the Jaguars style (and most of college football). And the socks break the rules of having white at the bottom. Here are high resolution images of the white and charcoal uniforms. 

So what do you think about the new uniforms?  Given that Nike has roots in the state of Oregon, it looks like it’s the Beavers vs the Ducks. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. It’s just there.


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