Nike creates “retired game jerseys” for sale — the opposite of a throwback

When I was in high school when the throwback craze started to rise, I wondered how far the marketing would go. Throwbacks were great because for people my generation, I never got to see Julius Erving play. But to wear his jersey was a great way to celebrate and appreciate the history of the game.

However, would it be possible to have old school players wear the team’s current uniform? I called it “Fast Forward” but it was something that wasn’t too far-fetched.

In the following years, I would see some form of it, mainly when current manufacturers would get too lazy to create a throwback, so they just take a current template and just have the old names applied to it.

Take a look at this old Reebok commercial. A few of the old players are wearing the team’s then current design.

Fast forward to something that never existed.

So as you can see, the above post shows that Nike has actually taken this chance to market and sell these. Most times I just see these players just wear them for ceremonies but they were never for sale. But now, we do have them for sale. You can see Dan Fouts wear the Chargers’ current uniform set. Or how about Phil Simms in the Giants’ current set?

Thanks to FanEdge, we get a look at the available options of players in their team’s current design.

  • Jerry Rice (49ers)
  • John Elway (Broncos)
  • Phil Simms (Giants)
  • Lance Alworth (Chargers)
  • Dan Fouts (Chargers)
  • Kellen Winslow (Chargers)
  • Junior Seau (Chargers)
  • Joe Montana (Chiefs)
  • Bo Jackson (Raiders)
  • Barry Sanders (Lions)
  • Gale Sayers (Bears)

Out of all those choices, only one is historically accurate to a jersey that player actually wore during his career: Bo Jackson. A few have minor changes that don’t make it full accurate. For Sayers, Montana, Elway and Rice, the placement of numbers, collar or added text changes it a little. Simms and the rest of the Chargers are all completely different.

Is this fashionable at all? Are fans interested of wearing a jersey of an old school player with a new school look? It’s not a throwback. It’s a fast forward.

I thought as a kid that it might be a cool look. But seeing this, it’s just kind of out there. It’s a nice concept but I don’t know if it will hold as much value as I thought it would. It has no historical significance and for some, it just doesn’t work. Unless you’re getting Jackson’s jersey, the rest is not accurate and some people might be picky about that.

But then again, NFL fans are consumers and they might just eat this up. Plus, Nike will always find a way to market to their consumers with these things.


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