The WWE Network is a dream come true for everyone

There had been discussions about this for some time. I had heard it but wouldn’t believe it until I saw it happen. I didn’t expect that the announcement would feature so many great things. Is this for real?

As a WWE fan, I can say that what the WWE Network is offering is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted easy access to everything WWE at my own convenience. Not only that, I want to learn more about the history of wrestling. I can watch classic matches that shaped my fandom of wrestling.

I can see old matches of Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Roddy Piper and all the legends. I can see classic ring entrances of DX, The Undertaker and even Shawn Michaels coming down the cable in Wrestlemania.

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I am not upset over Dan Le Batard’s decision to give Deadspin his vote

For a quick recap of the above story: Dan Le Batard has a National Baseball Hall of Fame vote and he decided to let the readers of Deadspin decide who he should vote for. He had reasons to do this, mainly to show that the current voting system was flawed. He received no compensation and the votes he submitted via Deadspin was actually pretty on point with what I think was a good ballot. However, the fallout has been harsh from some media types while others have praised him.

I don’t understand the issue. If the votes were absurd, there would be a problem. But the votes that were submitted all had valid reasons. The reaction also shows that maybe the old writers just don’t like change.

What did he do that is different from asking a friend for an opinion on the matter? Just think that Le Batard asked for thousands of opinions.

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