Should MLB make protective caps mandatory for pitchers?

The protective caps have been approved and even a skull cap made for youth (center) has been designed.

Major League Baseball has approved protective caps by isoBlox to be used by pitchers. It’s still in its experimental stage so it’s not a required deal. But if there is some evidence that these caps will work, should MLB make it mandatory?

Even though getting struck in the head by a batted ball is still a rare occurrence, it still is a risk that pitchers take every time they enter the field. Could this new cap be the future for pitchers?

Obviously the cap won’t full protect the head. A line drive can still strike the head and cause damage. It will just lessen the blow. And the face is still exposed, which already has forced MLB to consider if a full helmet should be used.

In this day and age where we see head injuries in different sports, we know the dangers of brain damage. This is a first step towards preventing that. I’m hoping that once the positive effects of this product can be proven, that all pitchers use it. And down the line, we may have fewer major injuries from these line drives back to the mound.


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