Are we crazy to give so much attention to the 2014 NFL regular season schedule release?

When will these two teams meet again?

Well, are we?

In a sense, yes we are. It’s just a schedule release. No other sport gets this kind of hype for their schedule release.

But here we are, waiting to see when our most anticipated matchups will happen.

Sure it’s six months down the line and there’s nothing we can do now once we know when these games are happening. But the anticipation makes it interesting.

I’m biased because I am working with the production team for the unveil tonight at 5PM PT on NFL Network. I’ve been in this business for some time and I have covered these schedule releases. It’s always intriguing to see how certain matchups are viewed and who gets the nationally televised games. The travel, the bye weeks and all that give me my NFL fix in April.

Strap on your seat belts. You’re not crazy. You just love football and I’m cool with that.


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