New Era reveals Independence Day caps for MLB

MLB has either had teams wear red, white and blue caps or camouflage caps for their nationals holidays in the past. This year, they will be wearing the above on Independence Day.

The design will use the same template and material as the batting practice caps. Crowns will be red with a navy brim or the reverse, with a navy crown and red brim. The underbrim appear to be all gray. The team logo will be white outlined in navy over a star with the flag design in the interior. (The Rockies cap in the image might be navy with a white outline.)

It appears that the American League could be all red crowns and the National League will all be navy crowns. At least that’s my assumption with this photo and a couple leaks in the past week.

I for one am glad they are deviating away from the camouflage for this. And when they didn’t, they would force the stars and stripes into the logos. As for the design itself, I actually don’t hate it. I think it’s a great design.

If each league is designated with one color, that will be a unique look when the teams do play against each other. Also, the fact that all the logos will be white (which is what it appears but not confirmed) gives it a fantastic, simple look. It doesn’t take away from the team logo and they still found a way to incorporate the flag without making it too garish.

I can’t wait to see these in person. But from what I’ve seen, I think this is one of their better designs in recent years.


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