10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 8 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 8 games from Sunday.

1– So the Jets are bad. I mean, Geno Smith threw three picks in the first quarter. Backup Mike Vick also contributed to three turnovers. This was not good. I don’t know what kind of identity the Jets team has, but they are looking more and more like a team that seems unprepared and lacking of talent. What a shame.

I do like what the Bills have in Kyle Orton. Not the greatest QB but somehow they’re winning. Losing both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson is forcing them to pass a little more and that’s actually great. Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins are good young talents. Just make sure you score first before you celebrate.

2– So is Mike Smith getting fired? They blew a 21-0 lead and even the Lions weren’t doing anything to secure their own victory. I don’t know if it’s the London travel (and I didn’t like that early start time) but this was just a bad game to watch. Horrible in every way and I can only think that only two years ago, this team was a win away from the Super Bowl. Now, they’re just bad. Real bad.

But out this game, we had this graphic on TV. I really like it.

3– Tom Brady is heating up. I will be honest that I started to doubt the Patriots a little after that debacle against the Chiefs. But all we’ve seen is Brady playing his absolute best and the offense is clicking. I still didn’t think the Patriots had enough talent, especially since they lost Stevan Ridley and Rob Gronkowski coming back from injury. All I can say now, is that this team fun to watch again.

And it also helps that the Bears are just garbage. Like, real garbage. Even when they’re celebrating a sack down big late in the game, they still can’t do it right!

4– The Seahawks should have lost. The Panthers should have won. But somehow, these two always bring out the best of each other’s defenses. Well, at least for the Seahawks, they have been looking weak offensively. And with rumors of their locker room falling apart and Marshawn Lynch on his way out, I don’t know what to make of this team. They’re barely winning and I have no idea what they’re going to do going forward. They’re too talented to let this slide continue, right?


OK, let me just say this. I started Joe Flacco on my fantasy team over Matt Ryan (mistake) and also started Steve Smith. These two did nothing for me. The above play would have redeemed me and netted me over 20 points combined for the team. That would have put me in the driver’s seat for the win going into the late Sunday games.

That was not a touchdown. I disagree with the officials. There was some pushing and shoving. But the defender was also falling already. What a shame. I needed that.

No A.J. Green for the Bengals is not hurting their offense, at least not what I have seen from Mo Sanu. But it is still hard to figure out this Bengals team, especially their defense. They played well enough and then they almost blow it at the end.

6– Titans have no quarterback. They’re terrible.

J.J. Watt is good. Real good. He mocks you while he dominates you.

7– The Cardinals are no longer the team that nobody doesn’t know about anymore. They’re legit. The defense is still pretty good and the offense is starting to take shape. The running game looked effective yesterday and finally, Larry Fitzgerald is starting to get a lot more touches. This is looking real good for the Cardinals as they appear to be running way with the division title.

The Eagles on the other hand are still a team that is good, but so unidentifiable. Their passing game is at times really impressive to me. But then the offense finds drives that just stall. And when their offense makes a mistake, they go all full out for it.

8– Every year there is always talks about elite quarterbacks and they always mention Tom Brady’s three rings. They say Eli Manning has two but hey, he wins when it matters. Then they talk about Peyton Manning and all of that. I still can’t figure out why Ben Roethlisberger is rarely mentioned, if ever. Yesterday’s performance was like 2008 again. He was making strong throws, maneuvering around broken pockets and dominating. Six touchdowns! And not against a weak team. These are the Colts, a very good team.

I still think that the Steelers are a team that has a lot of holes. But for one day, they looked like kings. I’m fine with that. Big Ben for one day, reminded us what he still can do. I am impressed.

9– LOL Raiders.

10– Saints playing well at home? Naturally. The offense was looking exceptional and Brandin Cooks showed us why he was highly touted. With the right quarterback, he can shine. Drew Brees had a great night and it was a good and much needed win for the Saints.

I wonder about the Packers though. Is Aaron Rodgers going to be OK? His hamstring seemed to be hurting real bad at the end of the game. The team goes where Rodgers go. If the Packers don’t have a healthy Rodgers, then they have to rely a lot more on Eddie Lacy to help shoulder the offensive load and I am not sure if that’s fair. We’ll see how Rodgers feels after the bye week.


The Vikings and Buccaneers game was a matchup I cared nothing about. But hey, I’m all for overtime endings that finish like this. Tops to you Anthony Barr on your first ever TD.


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