The Stephon Marbury musical looks amazing and I want to see it

I grew watching Stephon Marbury on TV. I’ve seen him play live. When he went through some tough times and disappeared to China, I thought that that would be it for him and I’d never hear from him again.

But in five years, he’s found happiness in China. He loves it there. The people love him. And he is doing what he loves. It’s not the glamorous route we expect to see from big time NBA stars. He shined so bright but burned away so quickly. Yet I think this is where he is shining the brightest. He is enjoying himself and really immersed himself in the Chinese culture.

He doesn’t plan on leaving China and it’s totally cool to see him enjoying himself. This musical look phenomenal too. It is a little corny, but whatever. I was entertained.

It may not make sense to us and it’s still odd to see him like this. But you know what? It’s cool with me. Good for you Steph. You do you and you enjoy yourself doing it.