My predictions for Super Bowl Sunday

Who’s going to be mad at the end of the game?

The Super Bowl is here and it’s time for those predictions. It’s going to be a good matchup and this will come down to the playcalling from two very smart head coaches. This is what a perfect Super Bowl matchup is all about.

Here are some things I look forward to in this game.

  1. The first focus of the game will be Marshawn Lynch. How will the Patriots be able to contain him? I think Marshawn could go for over 100 yards.
  2. On the other side, the Patriots running game will rely on LeGarrette Blount and Shane Vereen. Both aren’t feature backs but could they both be a strong two-headed monster to help the Patriots?
  3. Tom Brady seems to be consistently strong every year despite whatever offensive weapons he has in his arsenal. The only weakness Brady has is that he is not that mobile and the Seahawks pass rush could cause him trouble. This might be trouble for him all game.
  4. Russell Wilson is such a smart quarterback and he knows that he can be so dangerous when out of the pocket. But that is usually a last resort for him and he knows when to pull in the ball and run.
  5. Legion of Boom vs. Gronk. That is one exciting matchup.
  6. The Seahawks receivers have been claiming that nobody respects them. What kind of performance will they have today? I think they could be very key to the Seahawks early.
  7. The Seahawks’ comeback against the Packers was led by two key special teams plays. This will be a major factor in the game and it may come down to a special teams play deciding the momentum.
  8. Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are both at the top of their game and being able to control what may be a potential instant classic of a game will be the biggest thing for me to watch.

This could be a game that comes down to the wire. I think the Patriots are the more rounded team. However, the Seahawks defense has been phenomenal all year and that could give the Patriots offense fits. I just expect a good game and I think the Patriots will win it 31-27. But much like any prediction, it’s just that. Let’s enjoy the game!


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