Two thoughts from last night’s All-Star festivities

After watching last night’s NBA All-Star weekend festivities, there were two thoughts that came to my mind. My first thought was the three-point contest. The star power and the hype was met in my opinion. We got to see a great first round and a great battle between teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Former champion Kyrie Irving also put on a great show and the three made it to the final round.

What you see above is Curry’s final round. He made an impressive 13 shots in a row to help seal his victory. We have lauded Curry as the best shooter in the NBA and it seemed for a while that it was in-game only. But now he has finally won this contest and we are so blessed to have seen such a great talent win the contest that seemingly was designed for him.

We have a lot of great shooters in the league. This contest was a great platform to show off their skills.

It’s been 15 years since Vince Carter wowed us in his dunk contest win and it seemed like nobody else has come close in helping bring excitement to this competition. I am not saying Zach LaVine did it last night, but what he gave us made us feel happy to see something so wonderful.

Check out his four dunks. He got 194 out of a possible 200 points in the contest. Smooth, effortless and beautiful. The height of his jumps looked amazing and his ball control in mid-air was phenomenal. LaVine, for one night, made us feel that the dunk contest could be exciting again. I hope he does it again next year.

And also, did anyone else find it really annoying that the commentators were allowed to have their comments heard throughout the arena during the competition?


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