Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My top green uniforms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t know if you’re Irish, but if this day means something to you, then celebrate as you wish. Just be safe.

With people wearing green today, I like to go over my favorite green uniforms in the top major leagues in America.

MLB: There’s something about the simplicity of the green pullover with the city name on it. This was it for the A’s. It wasn’t even that popular of a design in terms of all the outrageous looks they had in the ’70s. But this look from 1982 sold me. Simple and classic. It’s a shame that the A’s are the only team in baseball today that wear a green jersey.

Then again, I am biased towards the A’s. But their balance of gold and green is a great complement to the entire set. I wish they could throw back to these beauties in the near future. That would be awesome. Here’s to wishful thinking.

(Side note, I like what the Mets wear during St. Paddy’s Day every spring.)

NHL: The Minnesota Wild got it right the first time. Simply put, they had one of the greatest logos of all time. And they didn’t clutter it up either. Green remained the dominant color and the piping of red and yellow worked really well.

It’s a shame they don’t wear this design anymore but I am still glad the logo and the primary color remains. The Stars’ current look is also a very nice green jersey.

NBA: The most ’90s uniform ever in NBA history. No symmetry, gradients, huge logo and a short stay in the league. It’s not even the best green uniform out there if you consider the timeless classic Celtics. But this one was so out there a Bucks team that wanted to re-emphasize the green uniform they had in the past.

I am glad that the Bucks wore this as a throwback recently but I wish it was a permanent fixture. Adding to the fact that this was rarely worn by the Bucks when it first debuted make this an almost lost art in the NBA. It’s a very popular throwback by Mitchell & Ness but I don’t think we will see the Bucks throw back to this anytime soon.

Too bad. I liked it a lot.

NFL: Jets. Classic In fact, the Jets have one of the simplest and best looking uniforms ever. I like that it’s just two colors and they are used perfectly in their uniform set.

In all honesty, I also like what the Packers have with their uniform. The only other team that wears green in the NFL are the Eagles but their identity is kind of in a muddle right now with the fans wanting the return of Kelly green and the team insisting they stay with midnight green.

Still, the Jets to me, have the best green uniforms ever.



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