49ers reportedly to fire Jim Tomsula — so what’s next?

I had met and talked with Jim Tomsula several years ago while he was still the defensive lines coach. He was a good man. He knew his craft. His players respected him.

When the 49ers tabbed him as head coach, I thought that there may be a chance that he could get through to the players. But since I didn’t think he had the X’s and O’s background to really succeed as a head coach, it was hard for me to see how far he could take this depleted roster.

Now that it looks like he’s done, I wonder what this means for the organization. Tomsula was not the best option as head coach at the time. The 49ers could have tried harder to find a new coach with higher qualifications. But instead, it seemed like Jed York just went the easy route.

What this means now is that the 49ers failed as an organization. All the finger pointing will go to York for this. He made this decision and he isn’t held “accountable” for it — as he claimed the team needed to be last season. The 49ers now are an organization that doesn’t have a direction. Tomsula was only part of the big problem we see today.

What happens next for this team will be so important. Will they just try to find the next coach that would just be OK and not expensive? Or will the team try to find a great candidate?

But what about the destination? Who would want to come to this team that’s depleted and with a front office that doesn’t really seem to be all together and trustworthy?

Tomsula is a good coach but he was asked to do way too much with so little. He had no chance of succeeding with what he was given. It was inevitable that the would struggle this year. Tomsula is only getting axed for a bigger problem that he could not save.


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